Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Blue Ribbon at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

For the third year in a row Galveston/Mainland has gone home with a blue ribbon from the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Quilt Show -- this year on one of my customer quilts. I'm pleased to say that I've been involved with these ribbon winners since 2007 when another one of my customer quilts not only won a blue ribbon but also best of division and then in 2008 when my personal quilt won a blue ribbon. The ribbons are not only important to us as quilters, but to our local "Go Texan Committee" because the more ribbons they win in various categories the more scholarship dollars to our area youth.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been in existence since 1932. I remember growing up here in Houston in the late 60's early 70's and attending the rodeo in the AstroDome - pictured here on the right. Things have a way of changing and now the rodeo takes place in the Reliant Stadium and surrounding buildings. This photo was taken from the old AstroWorld bridge. We parked in the area that once housed this fabulous family amusement park. Alas, it's now a thing of the past, only memories -- but good ones!

Ten years ago our family worked the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, then a 17 day event, for the first time in the Ben & Jerry booth hand dipping that wonderful frozen concoction for hours upon end. We had one of the longest lines in the food court! The boys were 11 and 14 and we had been "special event" vendors for all of a month prior to this experience (having just come off Speed Weeks in Daytona) -- what would become a lifestyle for almost 4 years. Our "neighbors" were Yoakum Packaging Co -- wonderful memories of trading out ice cream for turkey legs or chicken on a stick! Our daily food, and we were thankful for it! We also worked the rodeo in 2000 and 2001 and were blessed with the same good neighbors. After that we changed vending companies and moved on to other events. But every year since when we visit the rodeo we make a point to eat our meal and try to say hello to our friend Glen who owns the company. Best rodeo food guaranteed! This year we talked about our grown kids! My ten years has a way of sneakin' past ya' mighty quick!

Now that the kids are grown it's not quite the same wonder and amazement to go to the rodeo, but it still brings out the kid in me and I wanted to see the animal follies, the barnyard, watch kids on the pony rides, etc. there's so much to see and do that it really takes more than a day, but one day was all we had, and it was the last day of the now 20 day event. I took in as much as I could!

I tried to capture some of the fun on film, and do have several photos in my webshots -- one of each and every quilt in the quilt show (of course) some of the baby pigs, and a few of some of the shopping. Everything from cowboy hats, to instant tattoos -- if I'd of had an extra $20 I would have bought one of the "sleeves" and teased my son about getting tattooed. (These were like hosery that you could slip on either your arm or leg and appear to be covered in tattoos) He keeps saying that one day he's going to take me to his favorite tattoo artist and get me a little butterfly somewhere. Nope. Nada. Ain't happenin. Anyway, they even have boot shining stations, places where you can have your photo made with a bull, and all sorts of fun stuff for families and the young at heart-- so check out the rodeo photo album on webshots

The last night of the rodeo is the Xtreme Bull riding event and believe me, it's exciting! I even enjoyed the part of standing in line to get into the stadium -- something about the 'behind the scenes' stuff fascinates me, guess it's all those years being behind the scenes as a vendor -- or perhaps it stems back to our homeschooling days and me being the field trip momma -- just love seeing things from a different view point. Check out the photo album and you can see the gal with the cotton candy ready for the gates to open or the crowd making their way into the stadium for the rodeo and afternoon concert by ZZ Top.

Yep, I'm sure there were lots of folks most eager to see ZZ Top. Seems the stadium holds some 69,000 and I think there were 64,000 in attendance. We had the nose-bleed section cheap seats. That's what happens when you don't get your tickets quickly. But it was okay, they have those big screens that help you to see things better (grin).

Fun story about ZZ Top. They are "local" -- and actually played at my husband's high school back in the early 70's before they made it big. Billy Gibbons lives right'cher, just a few short miles from our humble abode on the bay. I've never met him of course, but I do like to be the tourist guide and point out his house to the out-of-towners. My hubby has been next to him on the highway, and Sunday afternoon we were two of the 64,000+ fans!! So that's gotta count for somethin'

Kinda dark, but that's the stage below the big screens. It was better in person, trust me.

All good things must come to an end, and before you knew it, it was dusk and time to make our way back home. I really enjoyed myself. Enjoyed the animals, purchased my event pin (I collect event pins) bought hubby a nice t-shirt, ate the best baked potatoes with chopped BBQ, had a big pretzel and lemonade (we used to vend these too, so that was sorta nostalgia) and got to hear a concert with one of my hubby's favorite bands. Couldn't ask for anything more....well, I did miss out on the Ferris wheel and having some cotton candy...but it's always good to leave something undone so you'll have something to look forward to next year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

I'd rather be quilting

This is NOT how I like to see my longarm -- covered in papers. But alas, when you have your own business the government allows you the privilege to be a bookkeeper for Uncle Sam and I have to take time every now to perform those duties.

You can tell I've been bogged down this week because my walls are still bare -- missing in action in this photo is my cheery yellow Grace Mountain quilt that normally hides the "interesting" wall paneling (it and others were my 'decoration' in the A-1 booth last weekend in Dallas). I miss their color that brightens up my studio, beckoning me to enter, to come in and play, to dance with joy.

Soon. I keep telling myself soon.

Yes, soon things will be back to "normal" the papers will be cleared away and once again the machine will be humming and graced with a beautiful customer quilt that's eagerly awaiting to be finished and returned to its maker. I know this to be true even though the paperwork and other obligations appear to be insurmountable. This too shall pass! I just need to "stay strong" and "be diligent"....

He giveth power to the faint, and to them that have not might He increases strength. Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall: but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40;29-31

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not really a Stash Buster

If I were, I'd have to report in the 80 yards I brought home from Dallas. But since I'm not I can feel guilt free for my shopping spree (grin).

Seriously. I am a stash buster in theory. Last year I came up with this little formula for purchasing new fabric...only backings, borders or backgrounds were approved purchases as I have been working through my stash and UFO's. Well, I added another "B" -- bolts! But they are backgrounds, borders and backings!! I promise!

I'd discovered a hole in my fabric -- that of not having backgrounds that would work with my brightly colored stash of fat quarters and other various yardage. So I just had to go shopping! If you are a fellow quilter you can certainly understand ...

Can't you just imagine a new quilt with that fabulous green as a background? Or better yet, third from the top, that magenta that is just calling out to be introduced to some of my wild prints. Of course I had to add some purples (#'s 5 and 6 in the stack) and since I'm always saying my stash doesn't include lights I was thrilled to find the white background with purple sprays on it, sorta a tone on tone with purple on white. Yummy!

Now if I can just find room for them in the studio (grin) better yet, if I can just find time to piece! It may be awhile, with almost a week off from quilting I've got to get busy and catch up! Ah, but the day will come and I'll be really really glad I'm not really a stash buster. Maybe that should be the name of a new nail polish -- instead of the one I'm wearing "I'm not really a waitress" -- hum...wonder if it could change colors sorta like the mood rings of old....anyone know the number to the patent office (grin).


Sunday, March 15, 2009

All good things must come to an end

It's the end of the Dallas Quilt Show....here's one of our demo quilts -- unfortunately that's the only picture I think I took of Stewart -- see his feet? that puts the quilt in perspective -- It was huge! Look midway where there is some blue thread to the left and golden to the right -- that area was overquilted and overquilted! I was running out of top fabric and didn't want to have to take time to add on until the end of the day -- talk about dense quilting! If I hadn't of been ultra conservative I do believe we would have had twice the lenghth. You can see where the fabric changes colors, that's the add on for today, a slightly different black wide back fabric. And I neglected to mention, this was "times two" as we did have two tables there running four heads. Lots of quilting going on in the A-1 booth!! Many many repeat patrons as they were test driving all the machines at the show and kept coming back to the A-1! Naturally.

Someone once asked what we do with the show demo quilts. That's a good question. Many quilters themselves donate their practice pieces to the local humane society, occasionally we do too as we've rotated through them. The majority of the quilts are used to wrap the quilting machine heads, carriages and tables for transit. After a few road trips it's time to add a new one (more fluffier I guess). I always enjoy looking over the quilting -- so many creative doodlers! I always wonder if the puppies appreciate the quilts as much as my Pixxie does.

I didn't take photos of the tear down -- it's just a reverse of set up and I figured I've documented that enough (smile).

We are staying an extra night so we can do a little fabric shopping of our own tomorrow -- decided to celebrate at a local stir fry grill -- thought you'd enjoy a photo of that experience.

Once again I want to say how much I enjoyed meeting some of my online quilting friends, I am so sorry I didn't get photos of us all, it's much easier to remember your name when I have a face (smile). Next time we meet you'll have to jog my brain, but I know I'll be ready to give you a big hug!

Thanks Dallas for a grand time, we'll be back -- and soon to set up machines!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh the places you'll go and the people you'll meet

Ever wonder what it looks like from the other side of "the line"?? Here's the starting gates for the Dallas Quilt Celebration just a few moments after the doors were opened for another wonderful day.

Yep, we'd stand in line in the cold for a quilt show!
Fortunately the rain has stopped! Still, a great day to be a quilter!!

Wow and was it ever a busy wonderful wild day!
Thanks to all the fabulous folks who came by the A-1 booth today to test drive the smoothest quilting machine...I'm meeting folks from all over the great state of Texas (yep, it's big and we're proud) as well as a lovely lady from my old stopping grounds in Tennessee -- she's ready for an A-1 and will be in touch with our dealer from that area.

It's been my pleasure to meet some of my internet friends whom I only know by name -- I regret that I've neglected to take photos..but did remember to take this one...my LA list friend Suzie -- she and her handsome hubby came by for a delightful visit. I commented to him that I really liked the 'statement' he was wearing on his shirt -- "Faith". Yep, sometimes we share more in common that our passion for quilting and I love that!

I did take a few more photos today that I'd love to share as they were soooo cute -- photos of our future quilters! Several children were in attendance today with their moms and grandmoms and of course they wanted to play on the machines too. I did ask permission before I took the photos and told the parents if they emailed me I'd send them the digital forms... but I didn't ask if I could post them. Regretfully we live in a sometimes dark and dangerous world and I wouldn't want to do anything that could be potentially harmful to one of these precious ones..so I'll share a different photo -- one of their signatures! Kids are so fascinated about writing their names on a quilt! Just wished I could have cut it out and gave it to them...

It really was difficult to pull away from the booth day, even for a short lunch break (thank you once again to our show committee in charge of feeding the vendors)...I found myself gobbling my food as if I hadn't eaten in a week and wanting to rush back to the booth to see what I was missing. In my scurrying back I happened to notice this...

my reminder to slow down and take time to enjoy the journey!

Quilt Rambler signing off, I'm all talked out (grin)

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's a cold wet Friday - nothing better than a quilt show to chase away the blahs!!

Quilt Rambler here, reporting in from Dallas (grin) Oh my gosh! There are some of the most beautiful quilts here. Last night was "preview night" for the guild members and they invited the vendors to attend! A time for them to celebrate together on the fabulous show and the spectacular winners!

This particular quilt caught my eye because I love stars and I'm really getting into medallion quilts. Happens that I met the ladies who pieced this quilt today when they visited my booth and they gave me permission to publish the photos. They promised to send me information on contacting them since this is a raffle quilt... so stay tuned!

The show didn't officially open until 10 AM this morning -- but being the eager vendor that I am I came in at 7:30 -- they opened the door to vendors at 7 AM. I really didn't need to be there that early but I sorta just wanted to be in the zone before the masses. I piddled around a little making sure I had everything where I wanted it. (see those documented photos below) Then I played.

someone asked me if I left anything at home (grin) yes, bare walls!

I had four machines to play with! Each with a different wonderful color of Rainbows thread! I had my iPod filled with my favorite praise and worship music so I was really in the zone -- think of it as a 'quiet time with God' only with music! Very refreshing. I'm sure I looked funny to the other vendors walking by, and I'm sure there were times I was humming -- I just hope I wasn't singing!! The Bible says make a joyful noise unto the Lord...I like to say and 'not unto man' because if my singing had to be joyful to my fellow man then I fall very short of the mark! (grin).

Anyway, it was most enjoyable and the time past very quickly -- but I was ready! Loved it when the quilt show chairperson announced over the loud speaker that our patrons, who had been waiting patiently at the door, were now being admitted. Kinda wished I'd thought of being at the door to see the entrance -- I imagine sorta like the starting gates at the Kentucky Derby! Show me the quilts!! And on to the vendors!!

It was such a pleasure to get to talk to so many people today. My greatest joy was meeting ladies in person that "know me" from online lists or my blog. Thank you thank you for coming by to say hi! Quilters are such wonderful people!

This is my friend Sarah, I think she's pointing out our favorite poster child (Jamie Wallen) and telling this quilter of my dealer special which includes a free workshop this summer with Jamie in my studio. Sarah has been a real blessing. Not only did she chaufeer me to Dallas but she's helped with the set up and working the booth. With four machines on two tables it took the both of us to be able to share what makes an A-1 an A-1 (grin). I just love it when people sit down to the machine and are so amazed at how smooth it is, how quiet, and how it doesn't vibrate. We invite everyone to sit down and play...One lady said, 'oh no, because I could never purchase one I don't have the room' and I laughed and said "I didn't ask you to take one home, I asked you to sit down and dance with my machine." She did and hundreds like her. That's what the shows are all about, window shopping and playing. Quilting is all about the fun, don't you agree?

Speaking of fun -- anyone recognize these faces?

If you've been following the chronicles of this quilt rambler you'll recognize this fun bunch -- there are several photos of us at the Houston show. These gals are great! And true pals too! In the first photo to the far right is Dee and in the second photo to the far left is Cindy. They noticed that I was getting a little tongue tied as I was demo-ing the machines and thoughtfully asked if I'd had lunch yet - to which I replied, is it noon already? To my surprise it was 1:45 PM a long way from that 6 AM light breakfast. Since the booth was busy I didn't want to leave Sarah alone so they said they take a break from their shopping frenzy and let me take a lunch break. Love you gals!!

So this is what I saw walking to the vendor break room.

This is the patron lunch room -- reminded me of a small scale Houston Festival. I was very very thankful that the quilt show hosts the vendors in our own lounge -- no waiting in line. And ya'know what, these fabulous ladies even serve us lunch! Yesterday it was a turkey sandwich, today it was peanut butter and jelly (0nly I chose honey) and tomorrow is suppose to be ham and cheese. Oh, and they have fresh fruit. Are we spoiled or what! This is by far the best guild show I have ever attended, as a vendor or as a patron. Top notch -- way to go Dallas!

I thought I'd sneak another booth shot upon my return. Look closely near the Pam Clark poster and you can see Dee standing almost in front of Pam's photo -- I'm going to have to tease her about wanting to be a poster child (grin)

All too soon it was 6 PM and time to close up shop. I'm thankful that the vendors were able to view the quilts early -- I'm afraid we're so busy in the booth that I probably wouldn't have been able to enjoy them otherwise. I have met my 'neighbors' and did a little window shopping of my own. There's so much to see here, and I'm sure folks enjoy having the show for multiple days so that they can really take it all in.

I tell ya', there's nothing like a good quilt show to lift your spirits! And for me, there's the added joy of meeting so many people and sharing with them my passion for quilting, specifically quilting on a A-1.

Stay tuned my friends. It's only Friday! More to come!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Setting Up

Set up actually started at home as I was trying to decide what quilts to bring to put in the A-1 Quilting Machine booth at the Dallas Quilt show. Pixxie decided she needed to get in on the act -- I think she was hoping to fit into my suitcase.

Poor pup. She's at home moping around on the couch missin' me.

In my planning for this trip I decided I needed a new quilting apron, so placed an order with my local embroidery shop to order one for me and to add my company name and my name. I thought I ordered it in plenty of time but as it was the apron wasn't ready until the night before my departure....and I just had to put my logo on it -- which meant getting up early the next morning and figuring out how to attach the apron to the longarm so I could add my "Karen's Special" butterfly.

Even though my name is is a solid color that I dearly love I decided I needed to play with my Rainbows thread. This design is hand guided by the way. The outlines are all pretty much the same, but the detail work turns out a little differently each time. Sorta like nature, God made us all the human race but we have different details. All beautiful.

I like the result and tomorrow will put it to good use, especially the pockets! I'm a gal that likes pockets!

So today was the official set up day. I thought it would be sorta fun to 'document' how the booth transforms from a empty draped area to an area promising a lot of activity over the next few days.

Here's all the fun little stuff I brought. Doesn't look too promising does it? Humble beginnings.

Stewart, company president, arrived and I started putting together the flooring. Okay, so I messed up and put two yellows together - I should know better I'm a scrap quilter, but hey, I'm on my hands and knees doing this so I just reached for the next tile and didn't worry about color! Life goes on! Enjoy the process. Besides, it's going to be covered with a quilting machine soon. I can't tell you how much I love putting down that floor because I know over the next few days it is going to be so worth it!!

We've got a few quilts hung, one of the tables has arrived. Starting to look a little more like a booth don't ya think? Potential!

No one can accuse me of having dull quilts! Can't say they are wow quilts, especially considering the beautiful quilts in the show, but they are mine and they make me happy. I hope they are colorful enjoy to catch someone's eye and make them smile.

I'm associated with a wonderful company! Not only do we have a fantastic quilting machine, but the owner/designer is just a master at his craft. The more I learn about the engineering of my machine the more I love it. Shoot. I just love it. It didn't matter to me all the parts and pieces when I brought one home (well it did but work with me here) what mattered to me was I had a machine I could truly dance with! Yes, I did my homework. Lots of research, plenty of hands on (ask me about all the hours I spent renting a longarm before I purchased mine). Truly a joy to quilt with. It was worth the wait to make the right choice!

With all the hoopla of trying to get out of town I haven't been on my machine much (except to add my butterfly to my apron yesterday morning) and I was itching to get my hands on the machines and quilt today! Couldn't wait until we had them up and the fabric loaded!! There are two tables in the booth each with two machine heads so I got to dance a little with each of them - testing out the tension ya'know (grin). Yeah right. I just wanted to dance.

Come tomorrow morning I hope to share my dance partner with several quilt show attendees. It's such a joy to introduce folks to my favorite quilting machine - whether they want to be a quilter or just want to see how it feels, I want them to enjoy the dance. Sigh. I just love my job!

Dreaming of dancing....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm going to the Big D and I DO mean Dallas!!

Heading north today, straight up good ole I45 whose claim to fame is being continually 'under construction' for over 20+ years! At least as long as I can remember there's been a section (or two) being improved upon...oh well, such is life in the big city. I think they call this 'job security' for the highway department (grin).

So why the road trip?? A Quilt Show of course!!
The Dallas Quilt Celebration 2009 This will be my first time attending what is suppose to be one of the largest guild shows in Texas boasting of over 10,000 attendees, several hundred quilts as well as about 150 vendors, and guess what! I'm one of them (grin).

While the show doesn't start until this weekend vendor set up is Thursday. I will be in the A-1 Quilt Machine booth (numbers #58,59,60) demonstrating the smoothest longarm quilting machine on the market!

The company president is bringing the machines, but I've packed up the 'decorations'

The suitcases contain quilts to be hung on the wall, draped in baskets or on the quilt rack. I haven't even packed my clothing yet (sigh) or my laptop, so add a little more to the mix.

Several of my local longarm friends are making the trip and promise to come hang out in the booth. If it's anything like my open houses in the past, we're going to be one fun booth and hope others will come hang out with us too.

I'm blessed to have a good longarm friend actually chauffeur me to Dallas and work the booth with me. We are hoping to do a little fabric shopping while in the Big D. I've tried to pack light so we have room to bring things home!

If you are in Dallas this weekend please come by and say howdy. I'll try to post photos of our experience.

Look out Dallas the A-team is comin' your way!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicken Anyone?

When you think of church picnics, especially in the south, you think of fried chicken right?

I'm sure some folks had fried chicken Sunday at the annual church picnic of Calvary Chapel Houston, as I'm sure some had hot dogs, some sandwiches, some brought carry out pizza -- and some took part in the annual chili cook off...plenty of food for all... but have you ever heard of chicken throwing??

Yep, one of the crazy contests between the various Life Groups (our in home small group ministry) was chicken throwing -- as in a RAW chicken fryer. Various members of the church took their turn at flying this fryer. I do believe that the later contestants had a little lighter of a bird to throw since through some of the tossing the poor bird lost a leg or two!

Next on the crazy olympics was broom tossing. This reminded me of throwing spears! Men, women and children alike took part in this event. The trick, I figured out as a spectator, was to throw it high and try not to get a spin on it. Wow, that broom handle could really stick in the ground just like a spear! I couldn't help but wonder how many a small lad would go home and try that with their mother's broom in the backyard? Made me glad mine were no longer living at home!

There were various other activities for the families, but none draws the crowd like the annual pie eating contest!

No, he's not preaching, put that is Pastor Ron dishing out the pies.

The table was full of participants. This end was the children, and my aren't they competitive!

And serious! No hands allowed and you have to clean your plate!

This young fellow was the winner at his table and from the looks of his face he did eat the majority of the pie!

A wonderful day for all. The Lord blessed us with beautiful spring like weather, delaying the much needed rains until this week. It was good to be outside, to laugh, and to fellowship. Who says Christianity is boring ?!?!

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing; then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them. The Lord has done great things for us; whereof we are glad. Psalm 126:2-3

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Fling - Butterflies and Pinwheels

More like Spring Fever. I've got a bad case of it. Well, what do you expect when the weather is 80 degrees one day and 31 the next night. I'm sooo ready for spring. Of course here in the Texas gulf coast spring is only a precursor to summer and our endless summer is usually pretty darn hot -- but bring it on! I love hot humid Houston!!

Okay, back to the Butterfly part of my post...Butterflies and Pinwheels to be exact. This is the Waterwheel pattern from Square in A Square and it's a class sample for an upcoming spring class at one of the local quilt shops. It's also a 'booth sample' for the upcoming Dallas Quilt Show next week where I will be giving hands on demos in the A-1 Professional Quilting Machine booth. The show's theme is playful pinwheels so I thought this quilt would be just right.

The fabric is from P&B and is a new line called Siena. I purchased it back in January when I was in Dallas for the SnS reunion. So how 'bout that, a new record -- fabric purchased and quilt quilted in less than three months. Actually less than two months! Of course, I still have to do the binding (but that will be done this week, can't hang an unbound quilt in a quilting booth now can I?)

Here's the full view. It's 65 x 88 and was custom quilted. Techniquely 'heirloom quilted' -- anytime I have to SID (stitich in the ditch) the catagory changes! I don't want to even disclose how many hours it took me to SID around the pinwheels and the light border. That's my least favorite part of quilting, but I've learned through trial and error (usually on my own quilts) that it just pops better when this extra step is done.

And what photo op would be complete without my faithful pup, Pixxie the professional quilt model?!?! Funny side story ... Saturday a new quilting friend came over to pick up some longarm supplies...as is my custom when I answer the door I have Pixxie in my arms -- she's one wiggle worm that's for sure because she gets so excited when we have company...well, since this lady and I had never met I make our introductions -- to which she replies "oh I know Pixxie from the longarm list and your blog" (smile).

Okay, back to the quilt rambling. I've also learned through playing around with personal quilts that I really like the Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting -- can you see the texture in the close up of the quilting? It's sorta hard with the matching thread, but when the light hits it just right it really has a lot of movement and can at times look like faux trapunto. Yummy batting. The quilts are sooo soft and cuddly too. And they don't seem to wrinkle or crease like my other quilts. Good thing since most of my quilts are used and can usually be found rotating between the couch and the bed.

When I first started quilting I developed this habit of signing my initials KEO in the body of the quilt along with the year. It's hard to see unless you have a way of making the photo larger (or going to my webshots to see it there) but in this bottom pinwheel I indeed have KEO 2009. Later I added my signature butterfly to the mix and lately have been using a butterfly as a focal point in the top corner of a quilt (My Dangling Carrot quilt is an example of that). Well, this quilt just screamed that it needed butterflies. So...why just do one when you can do seven!!

Makes it more springie don't you think? If you go back to the overall photo can you find all seven? The first one is easy.

I've also offered my customers this design element as an additional service. Some like just one, a few have asked for three, but I think so far this is the most I've done in one quilt. And it was fun.

I spent too much time quilting the interior of the quilt -- well, not too much time for therapy but too much time considering it doesn't show! True confessions. I needed to do dense quilting to make this quilt lay flat...

See, I made the mistake of piecing this one two different machines. Have you heard not to do that? Some of the flying geese units were made on one machine and some were made on another. Between the two machines the needle setting was not the same, hence my quarter inch was not consistant. When I pieced it I had to fudge a little. (surly you've had to fudge some too in your quilt life haven't you? that's when you 'unch' it in -- I like to call it fudge because it reminds me of chocolate and who doesn't love chocolate! makes the task more tolorable).

Okay. So there you have it. When you aren't a good seamstress you sometimes don't get the flatest laying quilts. That's why you really have to measure to make sure you don't have wavy borders. (That's a topic for another day, or go visit my website for detail instructions on preventing this qulter's nightmare). I have to say I was pleased with the way the mitered borders turned out and my quilt did turn out straight -- but it only lay flat because I nailed it down with dense quilting!! And as my husband reminds me, I did enjoy the process.

Hope you like my new quilt. PS the colors are more vibrant in person, wish you could see it - I just love the backing!!