Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We Interrupt the Vacation Narration for a Brief Lesson on "How to Come Back From Vacation Gracefully"

I’m sooo easily distracted! While on my “mountain top” vacation I decided that it would be fun to start a blog – so that’s the first thing I did when I got home. Little did I realize how addicting this is! And how time consuming

I’m already being convicted that I have to focus and reflect on TODAY - which means “going back to work”. For most folks, that’s a dreaded sentence, but for me, it’s a joy. Ya’see, I’m a longarm quilter and my work is fun – but it is easy to get distracted from it.

Ah, but I can’t get visions of beautiful Idaho out of my mind. The cool mornings, the no humidity, no clocks, no appointments, just rest and relaxation. Even though that was so yesterday I will still write about it, but just not today.

Today I’m trying to focus. Trying to go back to work gracefully. Hum…how does one do that? Well, perhaps by setting small goals that are easily accomplished.

First challenge was how to multi-task the dirty laundry from the suitcases and the double-knit polyester quilt that needed to be loaded on my frame. That wasn’t easy. About the time I got really going good on the freehand all-over swirls the dryer buzzer would go off and demand my attention. That’s okay; it was a good compromise of working and working Working at household tasks and working at business obligations. Day one back to reality accomplished – well, at least I was working – I didn’t say everything was finished. I sorta got interrupted when hubby suggested an afternoon movie – who could resist such a hot date ~ and a chick flick at that – Momma Mia!

Day two in coming back to reality. It was still hard not to get distracted, but the customer quilt was completed, so I felt better. Today, however, is a little harder…

I just finished loading a quilt on the machine…but an unfinished class project is calling my name….the last class is tomorrow night and it’s “show and tell”….oh my…so here I am back to the task of coming off vacation gracefully – key word – compromise.

I try to be good to myself and go to the chiropractor about once every 4 to 6 weeks – working on a longarm is very very physical so this is actually a necessary part of my business. When I go, I then “rest” for the rest of the day as to not mess up my dear Doc’s work. In the past I had morning appointments, but that meant resting all day from the longarm…I finally got smart and today I have an afternoon appointment. SO! Here’s my compromise! I’m fixing to get off the computer (which technically has been my morning break time) go back and work on the quilt on the frame, have a nice lunch, and then after my chiropractor appointment work on my class project before going to mid-week worship services this evening. How’s that for a good compromise! All work and no play makes the Quilt Rambler a dull person

In the meantime, I’m composing my thoughts to share about the Idaho Experience…and sooo many other things. There’s so much to tell, to share, to catch up on, to journal. Amazing.

But the lesson for the day – reality hits, back to work usually follows vacation - but its okay to ease back into the flow gracefully with small compromises. Besides, distractions have always made me smile! And here's a photo of my favorite distraction! Momma Mia!

Hope you are smiling today too!


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Muddling Through said...

Oh wow! I had heard Idaho was pretty, but never been there. Beautiful. Glad you had a good time!