Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Little This, A Little That - Time to Ramble Again!

But the Lord has become my fortress, and my God the rock in whom I take refuge. Psalm 94:22

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation, let us come before Him with thanksgiving and extol Him with music and song. Psalm 95:1-2

Surly God has refreshed me during my time of "hibernation." I wish I could say that I just laid around the house watching old movies and eating chocolate ice cream, but I have been busy. Taking a little time away from my online chatter (in various forms) has freed me to complete much needed projects so I can again get "back to work" (tomorrow, I promise!)

It's taken most of the week to dig out from the neglect inflicted upon my house and studio during the weeks involved with the Houston International Quilt Market and Quilt Festival. If you've been following for a while you know that I was CRAZY and somehow talked my good natured hubby into helping me rearrange my studio and paint a corner of it..... Much improved I might add, and truly making me long for a few more days that I can commandeer him into painting the other three corners!

Okay, once again the lighting isn't the best, but bear in mind I'm taking photos at 7 PM at night! This is the NEW corner!

The cutting table, ironing table and ClosetMaid drawer system isn't new, just moved to a new wall. The ClosetMaid shelving IS new - finally a place to display all my finished quilts (top shelf) as well as a little more room for my bolts of fabric neatly folded on my Fabric Organizers. So how do you like the newly painted corner?

This is the other corner that got rearranged - you can see above the quilted curtains at the window (behind the couch) where the painting stopped for "round one". My sewing table and computer table, as well as the little couch were moved to this side of the room. The other ClosetMaid drawer system was slightly rearranged too, from the corner of the room to this area. Easier access.

The A-1 Quilting Machine still reigns in its usual place. I did however make a few changes to the area behind the machine. If you look back at the prep for painting post you'll remember that I had a tall bookcase in the corner near my sewing table with project boxes and fabric organizers...this was moved behind the longarm and I was able to add some additional ClosetMaid solid drawers.

Originally these were stacked only two high and I had bolts of fabric on top. Decided to double stack and add a few more - these house my threads, rulers, and other longarm toys.

Here's a better shot of the shelf along with my original work of art by my son Jake...

As we continue around the room you can see the area I re-did earlier this year. I am really enjoying having all my books in one cabinet, however, I did hear a crash earlier today and just discovered that one of the shelves caved in from too much weight. SIGH. Another honey-do project for tomorrow after work. Here again you can see where the painting ended - or actually where it began (grin). Can't tell you how happy I am to know that the flying geese, deer, and hunters in the john boat will soon be a thing of the past (whoever invented printed paneling in the first place?)

It's been way too long since any fabric has graced my frame. And being Sunday, my day off, I wasn't about to load a customer quilt! Decided instead to play.

While at Market I focused on purse and tote bag patterns. One of the books I purchased called for pre-quilted fabric and I thought, hey, I can do that! Hum, why not test out the new thread I picked up as well as a new batting sample? Why not indeed! And when I'm finished, I'll have some quilted fabric to make into a purse (on my next day off, sigh).

So that's what I did.

One of the thread companies I visited with earlier this month was Fil-Tec. I purchased a few cones of their Trilobal Polyester called Glide. Naturally I had to get a purple, but I was somewhat sensible too and purchased a golden color as well (and a blue and a white because I was out at home as well as two yummy variegated poly called Affinity that I can't wait to try). I was familiar with this company because of their magna-glide bobbins .... A-1 had been given a few Magna-Glide and Magna-Quilt prewound bobbins that I used at the Dallas Show in the booth earlier this year in March.

I'll digress here a bit to explain their bobbins... a truly unique design in a pre-wound that has a magnetic core built into the center of the bobbin that eliminates that ugly backlash bird's nest effect caused by the backward spin on the bobbin casing when we change directions or stop and start suddenly with these fabulous industrial machines (which by the way do what we ask despite the physics that says they shouldn't be able to - but that's another story). They work best if the metal check spring (or as I call it, the anti-backlash spring) is removed - for those unfamiliar, this spring is suppose to eliminate these problems but in time becomes worn out - or sprung - and generally that fact goes unnoticed and we longarm quilters don't always know to check for this so we keep on keeping on and wonder why we have tension blobbers on the back of our quilts.

Okay, Fil-Tech has these prewounds in both cotton and poly. I used the cotton ones in the A-1 booth in Dallas without any problem but they were acting up on me in Houston and I traded out our samples for the poly ones. Perhaps its because I prefer poly - less thread breakage and that's what you need when you are demo-ing machines to the masses (grin).

So, here's a look at the fabric sample I did with Glide - purple on top and gold on the bottom...

Which in itself was a test. Primarily I like to use matching thread color top and bottom to assist with tension issues (who wants pokies of bobbin thread color messing up a pretty top). For this sample I wound my own bobbin because my sample Magna-Glide was in white... If you look closely you'll see that I did some pretty dense quilting (sorta my calling card). In fact, this was a full yard of fabric and I used two full M sized bobbins. I'm not sure how many yards that is, but I'm thinking at least 200 yards each! That's a lot of thread, top and bottom and guess what - No thread breakage! Using matching thread it did sort of disappear into the fabric, but again, that's the effect I was looking for. The yardage took me about an hour and a half to quilt, so we are talking some heavy duty testing here my friends. Not once did I have to adjust the tension (top or bottom) nor did I have to stop and lint dust. I'm likin' this thread!

Since I am wanting to make a purse out of this pre-quilted fabric I needed a little bit of contrasting fabric so here I did a denser design and switched to the white magna-glide prewound - it blended in with my backing fabric really well and again, perfect tension so no bobbin thread poking up to the top.

And yes, life is short, eat your chocolate! Dark preferably! This just shows you how dense the quilting was.

So with about 600 yards of top thread, two self-wound bobbins and one pre-wound later I've decided that this thread is a keeper. Another benefit is it is American made. On one of the longarm lists a fellow quilter shared that that was an important factor in her purchases - so now I've found an American made poly that I can recommend!

Don't you think this is going to make a nice purse? The fabric is from P&B called Enchantment. I have a quilt top and pieced back from this line - one day it will make it on my frame and grow up to be a real quilt (grin)

I also want to mention that while testing out Fil-Tec's Glide and Magna Glide I was also testing out FiberCo Super Soft Cotton 50/50 batting. This is a bleached cotton/slick polyester that is "quilter friendly" because it's strong yet soft to the touch. It's needle punched to enhance strength and durability. What I liked is that a scrim is added on one side to discourage fiber migration through the fabric -- take a look at the photo of the back above -- no bearding! I've used several of FiberCo's products this past year and am pleased to announce that I am beginning a new business relationship with them as a distributor. Information will soon be on my website concerning how you can purchase and try for yourself their wonderful products. I was sold on them last year when I tried their 50/50 Bamboo Blend as well as their 80/20 - much softer and cleaner than other battings I've used in the past.

Stay tuned for more reviews on this batting as well as other products I picked up at Market...for now it's time to finish the vacuuming of the studio and load a quilt to begin my work week in the morning. Gosh, it seems like it's been a month since I've quilted for hire. Oh, I guess it almost has been! With the time off to be with family during my grandmother's birthday and then a week later her funeral, plus 10 days in the George R. Brown convention center and a week off to recover I am going to be really glad to 'punch in' and get back to the normality of being a professional longarm quilter!

Thanks for taking time to catch up with a little of this and a little of that!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Time to Hibernate

Be still and know that I am God....

sorry this is so small, but I took it with my phone this morning and the transfer just came out little (sigh)

Just wanted to hang up my sign that says "hibernation" for a little while - I've had lots of personal emails requesting tips, suggestions, information, etc and I just can't devote the time to answer properly right now...please forgive me...but with the weeks of work missed due to the death of my grandmother, the 10 days at market/festival, the two days I've spent digging out and the next couple of ones that I need to finish trying to find my machine that has been buried...well I just need to regroup and focus on my customer quilts in waiting. I promise I will answer each and everyone, but it might be awhile...thanks for having the chatter among friends, but right now just need some quiet time.

The Quilt Rambler is in hibernation, but will be back soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Tired Puppy!

Me, not Pixxie (grin)

Wow, 10 days of Houston Quilt Market and Quilt Festival are now history.

Pixxie missed me. Can you find her among the quilts?

Totally enjoyed myself. Wonderful co-workers in the A-1 Quilting Machine booth - new friends as well as deepening relationships with other friends. A-1 dealers are the best - most helpful to each other and they take good care of their customers. No matter where you live, if you are in a market for a longarm you owe it to yourself to contact the local dealer and take a test drive of our machine. You will love it.

Pixxie and I are digging out. I got a late start this morning because I decided that the alarm clock should be turned off! Lots of emails to catch up on, needed to balance Quicken after all my purchases (I think I spent more on parking and food than I did goodies), and hubby and I had a nice catch up time as we spent more time than I'd like to admit cleaning up the kitchen (lets just say we ran out of things days ago and switched to paper/plastic!) The washing machine and dryer have been humming most of the day....

Have to say my fondest memories of the Houston show this year is all the gals who came by to say hello and introduce themselves (and the hubbies too - always love to meet other hubbies who support their wives passion of quilting) . My only regret is not having enough time to really visit and to take a photo of each and everyone. Those of you who came by may not realize this, but you greatly blessed my day. I am sincerely humbled and honored that you read my blog and that you wanted to tell me so.

ya'know, I've always rambled....and in my early days I would sometimes journal....I started this blog just as a way to write the 'rest of the story' because my posts to online forums would end up being sooooo long. I never really guessed that anyone would care enough to read about my little life. I've done nothing spectacular, haven't invented anything, or discovered anything, or traveled the world over having tales to tell of my adventures....just livin life and enjoying it.

Maybe that's why you read about me, cuz I'm just like some of you. We have something in common and it's a nice way to feel like we are 'normal' cuz we've found someone else that enjoys the same thing we do, has the same struggles, similar passions, or what not. I find it simply amazing that there are so many of us that are alike, yet uniquely different. We can relate, share joys, share sorrows, offer encouragement, offer advice, give a kuddos when it's needed, and just plain ole laugh or cry together.

Many of you have shared with me that you share my faith in Jesus, God's Son and Savior of the world. That's probably the most important thing anyone could share with me...simply because that means we'll have all eternity together to get to know each other. Isn't that a mind-boggling thought! There are times that life here seems hard, or times that life here seems so short, but when I put things into the scope of eternity I have to realize that this world is not my home and the greatest joy of living here is living for Christ and sharing that God loves you and wants you to share in the eternal home He has planned for you. It's wonderful when like-believers come along side and encourage me in my journey and I hope that in a small way I can encourage you in yours. Reminds me of the verses that tell me not to be weary in well doing, and to do good to those in the household of faith....hold on, be steadfast, stay strong....there's a wonderful reward to those who overcome.

In the meanwhile, as I live out my remaining days on this earth I continue to be thankful that I have a husband who loves me, grown sons who make me proud, the cutest little tail wagger, and a host of friends. I am grateful that I have the ever-changing, never boring passion of quilting. There's so much to see and do just within this small pleasure. Yep, I'm one tired puppy but I'm sew happy and so full of joy.

Thanks for being there my online buddies! I truly appreciate you!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Setting up the A-1 booth for Festival

I wish I had more hours in my day, or that I could be three places at once!! I haven't really been able to 'document' my quilt adventure as I have in years past...but I'm still enjoying the journey!!

This photo was taken from the upstairs area - there's a 'port hole' window that overlooks the convention center. If I'm not mistaken it's five football fields...or was that five and then a couple of years ago enlarged to nine? oh my, my mind has gone!!

This was Market, rows and rows of vendors marketing to your local quilt shops! The rows number from the 100 isle to 2000 in hundred increments. It's huge!! Festival is even bigger - but I haven't had the opportunity yet for the bird's eye view photo (alas and sigh)

This is the A-1 booth - we were half this size for market - these photos were taken during set up on Wednesday afternoon prior the the opening of Preview Night from 5 to 10 PM.

It's been totally fantastic to work with the other A-1 dealers, we all just brainstormed and got'er done when it came to setting up the booth. I happen to like the way it turned out (grin)

We are at the end of the 800/900 isle, so if you are planning on coming this weekend please look us up...

More later my dear blogville friends, this puppy is tired with a capital T (but having oh soooo much fun!)

This is one of Renae Haddadin's beautiful quilts with Jamie Wallen & Rosanne Campisi's DVD display.

Another one of Renae's winning quilts

That's Rosanne checking out the machine prior to the gates being opened.

This is Jen, the Utah dealer who is just a doll, helping Renae with her machine.

And here's Elaine, our knowledgeable dealer from FL who loves to pick on Jamie - they are soooo funny in the booth.

I'm really lovin all this and have so appreciated the veteran dealers allowing me to 'pick their brains' as they share so many tips with me concerning how to be a good dealer.

OH! and another time ask me about Tensionology -- or check out my website! It's soooo cool, the top of my Christmas list that's for sure!

Okay, time for Pixxie to put me to bed. nite nite

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Between Market and Festival - phase 1 studio redo

Quilt Market ended Monday at 4 PM and Festival begins Wednesday at 7 PM so what's a gal to do between now and then? (grin)

Well, first of all, organize all the purchases and samples and tons of brochures collected at Market!

By far, this is the lightest load I've had in all my years of attending Market, due primarily to being in a booth more than looking at booths - but that's okay, I still had a blast!

The two tote bags in the background were gifts, as were one or two patterns. Several thread companies gave me samples to try and I purchased several large cones from Fil-Tec . I was able to test out their new Glide in the A-1 booth and so far so good - lots of doodles go on a practice fabric at a show and there were no thread breaks with multiple users, so I think that's a good thing. I will be playing around with more of their thread as well as other manufacuturers over the next several months so stay tuned for that report.

Okay, so what did I do on my day off? Boss poor hubby around (grin). Here's his "honey do" project for today...

This is ONE corner of my studio that has been cleared to paint the walls. As you can see from the close up, we inherited this wild paneling that I've been wanting to cover up for several years.

I liked to tease that under the quilts on the wall were "flying geese!"

Not an easy task, first the wall had to be sealed before it could be painted.

Next came a nice coat of light purple (naturally). We laughed when he saw the date on the paint can 10/15/05, right before we moved into the house...if any of you remember back in 2005 that was right after Hurricane Rita - which delayed the closing on our house, bumped back the move in date, and totally put off the opportunity to paint the studio before moving in.

By the way, in 2005 on the day between Market and Festival, Stewart Plank came to set up my A-1. We hadn't even moved any furniture in yet! So guess you can figure that my longarm and longarm business have always had high priorities (grin). Truth be told, we purchased this house primarily for the room that I would call my studio (thought you might enjoy a little history)

Okay, so here's how it looks late afternoon. The corner is now painted and as I type, hubby is taping off to paint the trim. I've purchased shelving that I hope can go up tomorrow before I go back at noon to enlarge our booth for Festival...if not, it will be next week and I'll just live in this mess -- but it's so worth it! I've waited sooooo long and will do my best to be patient as we work around the room to get it all one color and no more wildlife!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just another day in Paradise!

Here's the birds-eye view of Market as seen from the second story window. A-1 booth is at the end of isle 800 - the isles number from 100 to 2000 to give you an idea. This photo was taken about thirty minutes prior to closing, hence the lack of crowds in the week for festival there will be wall to wall quilters!

Here's our early morning wake up call with Renae, Jamie and Justin....

Justin is Stewart Plank's son, owner of A-1. He works with the company in the manufacture of our machines. I think the Texas bug bit since he decided to quilt a cowboy boot...that or it's just his country boy roots. (grin).

Until this week I've only talked to Justin over the phone once or twice when I've called the home office, it's been a pure joy to get to know him better and to put a face to the voice (grin)

Justin will be busy tomorrow as the festival classes will be starting and he's tech support for the classroom.

What can I say? Jamie always draws attention. Such a giving person - he shares his "trade secrets" with any and all! Gotta love him!

Another late night friends...sorry I'm too tired to share all the wonderful happenings of the day, but stay tuned, I'll catch up sometime. Do want to say that I've picked up a lot of new threads to play around with and will be eager to share my unofficial findings.

One more day of Market, then a day off before we open the booth at Festival...for those teaching, like Jamie and Renae (as well as Justin who is assisting) they are just beginning the long stretch of Houston Festival!!

If you've never been you need to plan now for next year. There's nothing like it ya'll!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wish you were here - Quilt Market is a blast!

It's late and I'm too pooped to type, so I'll put my disclaimer right up front on all the typos and grammatical errors (grin)

WOW! What a great start to a fabulous fun 10 days!

Do you recognize the famous quilter standing in front of her A-1 poster ad that you all recognize from the magazines? Renae Haddadin was welcome to Texas by some of the local longarm quilters today in the A-1 booth.

NEWSFLASH, if you are coming to festival this next week there's still a couple of spots in some of Renae's classes so check it out! Wish I could take advantage of this opportunity!

Yesterday was Schoolhouse, 15 thirty minute info-commercials for all the new books, patterns, fabric lines, notions, and nifty ideas. It's a grueling day from 10 to 6 but oh so worth it!!

Here's a few photos (I'm ashamed to say I'm slacking here, enjoyed so much I forgot to pull out the camera - sigh).

I'm into bags right now and couldn't resist a schoolhouse on usable totes - isn't this a cute bag to take to the grocery store instead of the 'name brand' ones? Mother Nature (aka Eleanor Levie) shared how we could quilt green with several market bags.

This is my new friend from down under, Helen Stubbing I met Helen through the internet as her sister, Tracey Browning, is our Australia A-1 dealer. When I learned that she was the author of Faux Applique I knew I had to attend her schoolhouse! I was blown away by her beautiful quilts, her technique, her lovely personality and charming accent.

Helen will be staying for Festival and has promised a little "tutoring" in her technique of using artist colored pencils for the faux applique, a technique she calls Colourqué® I am sooooo excited to do this, especially since my play day a month or so ago didn't have the results I was looking for....don't you agree that her work is stunning!

It's sooo hard to narrow down the class selections. I did attend several concerning painting on fabric as well as anything that had the word tote bag in it (grin) I'm really into bags right now.

I also attended a couple of fabric manufacture's soo cool to be among the first to see a newly released line of fabric as well as the quilt designs that complement the collection. My last schoolhouse of the day was with Robyn Pandolph and RJR fabrics - and what a trill to be sitting on the front row when one of the quilts from the new collection was unveiled to a captive audience (okay, and knowing that I was the quilter, gotta admit that I love the braggin rights, grin!) Robyn's new fabric line, Beach House, is simply elegant - truly inspired by her living on Galveston Island. And I dare say it was well-received as the fat quarters from this collection were sold out at sample spree before I could nab one for myself (sigh).

After a long day of thousands of ideas spinning around in my busy little brain it was past time for a break and some catch up time with friends as we lined up outside the ballroom for sample spree -- a crazy shopping frenzy that just whets the appetite for the following day's events!

I'll keep my secrets as to what I purchased for now, but stay tuned for a time when my brain is fresher! Needless to say leaving the house at 6 AM and returning about 11 PM only to return again today at 8 and staying until 6 makes for mushy mumbled thoughts! Not to mention that my puppy misses me and needs some attention...

OH, but I will say that today was fabulous! The A-1 booth was so busy we barely had time for necessities (is that a nice way of saying it was a long walk to the ladies room with an equally long line?) So many folks came to test drive the machine, several looking to purchase their first longarm, others planning on how they can sell what they have and upgrade, and several just stopping to play just because - that's what the show is all about! the "just because" (grin). I was so blessed today to see so many of my friends and receive so many hugs! I love this on a good day, but it has been especially wonderful to receive the love and support during this time of missing my Ma-ma....funny, sometimes I can smile and remember the good times and again thank the Lord for His mercy in taking her home peacefully, and sometimes the emotions just get the best of me and .... well, lets just say again how blessed I am to have friends - many still contacting me through the internet, or cards, and many today with their hugs....I'm overwhelmed, and right now overtired, and my eyesight is getting a little blurred (good thing I'm a touch typist) so perhaps it's time to call it a night and continue to ramble another time....

Oh, but not before I introduce you again to my side kick Trish and her long tall good lookin' cowboy hubby who I tease and call the Marboro Man... Yep, good times down here in H-town, wish you were here!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sneak Peak - Houston Market AND studio redo

The past few days I've had a beautiful quilt on my's the newest fabric line by Robyn Pandolph, Beach House, that will be introduced this weekend at the Fall Quilt Market here in Houston. Robyn is a local celebrity. She has designed numerous lines of fabric and is most known for her beautiful roses and soft colors. I fell in love with one of her fabric lines several years ago and made a prayer quilt for a friend named Connie who was going through Breast Cancer from Robyn's Hanna Bella line. I still have scraps and they find their way into several of my scrap quilts.

Robyn does beautiful hand applique! I just had to take a close up of her work before it was quilted because I am just amazed at the perfection. I don't applique and have a high amount of respect and awe for those who have mastered this craft. I took a class once from Sue Garman, another highly talented local celebrity. Sue is an awesome teacher and very very patient. I finally understood the process (having attempted once before) and actually have a piece that is a work in progress....but in reality, I'll leave the applique up to the experts and do my best to quilt around them !

Robyn had contacted me last week with a request to assist her in finishing this quilt in time to hang in the RJR Fabrics booth at market. I wish I had better light in my studio, the photos do not do the fabric justice. Hopefully I be able to get a better photo of the quilt hanging in the booth this weekend where it will be properly lit.

I've been thinking about the next phase of rearranging my studio and got a wild hair last night and asked hubby to help me move a few things... I have wanted to have the walls painted since before we moved here 4 years ago this month....but there has never been a down time where we could devote the days toward the project as well as have the studio unproductive....

And then it came to me...why not just do the room in sections! A wall here, a wall there... wouldn't be so much to move at one time and I could do a little deep cleaning as we were in that section...hum...and why not use the time away from the studio while I was at Market to have hubby start the painting! Why not indeed!

Okay, so decided that the area behind the longarm had got a little junked up as well as the corner with the sewing machine, which is the area I want to paint first and here's the before photos taken last night.

Moved the tall bookcase to the corner behind the longarm, stacked the drawers on top of each other and purchased two more sets, and took the fabric off the bolts and put on the Fabric Organizers that fit on the shelf..

Much neater don't you think? It will look much nicer when this wall gets painted, but that will be a while since it's the last wall on the list (grin). The sewing corner needs to moved to the center of the room so he can paint there first and then I want to put up shelves and move the cutting and ironing cabinets to this side of the room...then we'll paint the other side of the room and redo stay tuned as my studio is truly ever changing!


Am I crazy or what for starting a studio improvement now (grin).

Keeps life interesting and something to ramble about!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Making Progress on my Messenger Bag

This afternoon was my time to continue working on my Messenger Bag. that I started several Sunday afternoons ago...seems I've been interrupted lately from my Sunday afternoon play days...and I am easily distracted...sometimes too much time on the internet or the phone...but it's all good.

This is some bag! Lots of parts and pieces and probably the most complex thing I've ever made besides a quilt, but I am really enjoying the process. It's great to have a DVD teacher.

Today I sewed in a zippered pocket that will be on the back and added pleated pockets to what will be the front. The 'hard part' was adding the side pockets and strap anchor. Not impossible, but it was a little bit of a challenge. Again, most helpful to have the visual of the DVD to go step by step.

This is as far as I've gotten. Last time I finished the front flap. I'm thinking I'm in the home stretch now and that it just might be possible that I have another evening to work late (after the deadline quilts) and finish it up in time to carry to the Houston International Quilt Market/Festival...still in countdown mode 5/11!!

Ah, but it's quitin' time, and time for another Sunday tradition - dinner out with hubby at our favorite Mexican restaurant, LaBrisa.

Stay tuned....

Friday, October 2, 2009

One Week from Today!!

I can't believe it's almost here! One week from today is my play day at the Houston International Quilt Market - it's Schoolhouse and I'm sew excited!!

Market is the wholesale buying side of the 10 day Houston event.

Next Friday I'll be meeting up with friends from all over the globe as we try to pass the endurance test of 'going back to school' complete with changing classes every 30 minutes or so -- remember those days of trying to find the right room? Well, that's part of the experience, but we are rewarded once we arrive (and if you are fortunate you get a seat down front). Each class is sorta like an info-commercial of what's new in our industry. Sometimes its a fabric company introducing a new line of fabric, sometimes it's a pattern designer introducing their new book, and other times its a manufacturer introducing the newest notion. I just love it!

Just 7 days away the vendor mall opens at Market and I'll be smiling in the A-1 booth. The photo above is from last year, when I was asked to become a dealer for A-1 Quilting Machines in the Texas area. This is Susan, my first customer, and now my friend. We'll be celebrating a year of happy quilting - I'm really looking forward to seeing her again and my other A-1 friends.

I love meeting quilters! Each year I try to connect with those that I know from the internet on various lists and each year I've totally enjoyed this opportunity to put faces with names. That's happening again this year so if you are coming to Houston be sure and send me a quick note so I know to expect you (grin) and IF you'd like to meet up with other quilters here's our schedule to meet...

Market: Saturday 10/10, 11 AM at the A-1 booth
Festival: Preview Night, Wednesday 10/14, 9 PM at the A-1 booth
Festival: Thursday 10/15, 11 AM at the A-1 booth

Can't wait to see ya! In the meantime, gotta get back to those customer quilts!