Thursday, October 15, 2009

Setting up the A-1 booth for Festival

I wish I had more hours in my day, or that I could be three places at once!! I haven't really been able to 'document' my quilt adventure as I have in years past...but I'm still enjoying the journey!!

This photo was taken from the upstairs area - there's a 'port hole' window that overlooks the convention center. If I'm not mistaken it's five football fields...or was that five and then a couple of years ago enlarged to nine? oh my, my mind has gone!!

This was Market, rows and rows of vendors marketing to your local quilt shops! The rows number from the 100 isle to 2000 in hundred increments. It's huge!! Festival is even bigger - but I haven't had the opportunity yet for the bird's eye view photo (alas and sigh)

This is the A-1 booth - we were half this size for market - these photos were taken during set up on Wednesday afternoon prior the the opening of Preview Night from 5 to 10 PM.

It's been totally fantastic to work with the other A-1 dealers, we all just brainstormed and got'er done when it came to setting up the booth. I happen to like the way it turned out (grin)

We are at the end of the 800/900 isle, so if you are planning on coming this weekend please look us up...

More later my dear blogville friends, this puppy is tired with a capital T (but having oh soooo much fun!)

This is one of Renae Haddadin's beautiful quilts with Jamie Wallen & Rosanne Campisi's DVD display.

Another one of Renae's winning quilts

That's Rosanne checking out the machine prior to the gates being opened.

This is Jen, the Utah dealer who is just a doll, helping Renae with her machine.

And here's Elaine, our knowledgeable dealer from FL who loves to pick on Jamie - they are soooo funny in the booth.

I'm really lovin all this and have so appreciated the veteran dealers allowing me to 'pick their brains' as they share so many tips with me concerning how to be a good dealer.

OH! and another time ask me about Tensionology -- or check out my website! It's soooo cool, the top of my Christmas list that's for sure!

Okay, time for Pixxie to put me to bed. nite nite

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