Sunday, October 11, 2009

Just another day in Paradise!

Here's the birds-eye view of Market as seen from the second story window. A-1 booth is at the end of isle 800 - the isles number from 100 to 2000 to give you an idea. This photo was taken about thirty minutes prior to closing, hence the lack of crowds in the week for festival there will be wall to wall quilters!

Here's our early morning wake up call with Renae, Jamie and Justin....

Justin is Stewart Plank's son, owner of A-1. He works with the company in the manufacture of our machines. I think the Texas bug bit since he decided to quilt a cowboy boot...that or it's just his country boy roots. (grin).

Until this week I've only talked to Justin over the phone once or twice when I've called the home office, it's been a pure joy to get to know him better and to put a face to the voice (grin)

Justin will be busy tomorrow as the festival classes will be starting and he's tech support for the classroom.

What can I say? Jamie always draws attention. Such a giving person - he shares his "trade secrets" with any and all! Gotta love him!

Another late night friends...sorry I'm too tired to share all the wonderful happenings of the day, but stay tuned, I'll catch up sometime. Do want to say that I've picked up a lot of new threads to play around with and will be eager to share my unofficial findings.

One more day of Market, then a day off before we open the booth at Festival...for those teaching, like Jamie and Renae (as well as Justin who is assisting) they are just beginning the long stretch of Houston Festival!!

If you've never been you need to plan now for next year. There's nothing like it ya'll!


Quilts on Bastings said...

I wish I was there .. maybe next year.

Nancy said...

That goes for me too.....but, I will definitely be there next year. Karen, thank you for showing us what we're missing.