Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jamie Wallen's Thread Fusion Workshop

Day four of workshops at the Quilts 'N Kaboodle studio. Our enrollment grew so much we had to purchase a new table, take out the small couch and totally re-arrange the room but it was worth it!

Thread Fusion today was really several workshops in one. Jamie does beautiful thread work and takes the quilting style up a notch from the Mystical CottonTracks he taught the two days before. Lots of sparks to the old imagination, actually more like brain overload because he is so generous to share design elements and to keep sharing!

We had a lot of laughter and fun in this class. The gals were all so good to help and encourage one another. Sometimes we'd be laughing and sometimes we'd be concentrating so hard you could hear a pin drop.

Our friend in the middle is a new quilter, she's only had her machine since March. I don't know if she realizes it or not, but taking classes such as this so early in her quilting career will really speed her along - she's going to do great with these new design ideas!

Lunch time is always special -- and I have nothing to do with it! My friend Annette is so faithful to take care of meals and refreshments for all my 'special events'. Today was BBQ sandwiches
and it was wonderful!

After lunch Jamie shared with us how to make his signature dragon fly.

Then if you wanted to you could try your hand at the machine.

All too soon the day came to a close and we had our group photo - this time with honorary member Miss Pixxie herself, our celebrity professional quilt model (grin)

Later this evening Jamie let me play in his fabric strips to get a jump start on Monday's you like my color choices?

Spent a few happy hours sewing the strips together around clothesline before calling it a night.

You'll just have to stay tuned to see what we do with it tomorrow -- not in a workshop, as we take Sunday off for worship and refreshment --but a fun day of chilling out and being creative in the studio on our "day off"


Maggie A said...

Oh, I sure wish I lived near, it must be wonderful to attend such wonderful workshops.

Trudi said...

I wanna play!!! I wish I lived your side of the pond, I'd be there like a shot! Thanks for sharing I'm really enjoying reading these posts

vivian said...

I've taken a couple classes from Jamie-great teacher and guy! I'm sure you're having a lot of fun!