Monday, June 29, 2009

Texas Marathon Fabric Art Buffet Workshop with Jamie Wallen

Today was DAY ONE of our Texas Marathon Fabric Art Buffet -- a taste of several fabric art classes that Jamie Wallen has to offer. We hit the ground running and today had three different projects going on...

First we experienced Jamie Wallen and Rosanne Campisi's gallery fabric bowls. I can tell these are going to be very very addictive! What makes them different than the other fabric bowls out there is they are not 'wrapped' but are instead sewn in a manner that you do not have raw edges or lots of strings. Truly a gallery style basket/bowl instead of the ones that tend to be more crafty. Jamie and Rosanne have partnered up on several designs and patterns have have been working really hard to produce DVD's on the various workshops we will be doing these next two days. The DVD's are in duplication right now and should be coming out very very soon. Bookmark Jamie's website and check often for availability.

In typical "Jamie style" he buzzed around the room assisting each of us in our process of making the fabric bowls as well as other projects. It was fun to have so many things going on at once.

This is Kathy from LA (Louisiana not lower Alabama or California) You may already know her from her blog Kathy's Fancy Stitching News -- if not, take a moment and become a follower of her blog, not only will you get her take on the workshop but will be meeting a very pleasant lady whom I enjoyed very much getting to know better today. She's also a national quilt show award winner and I was most honored to have her in my humble abode.

As you can tell from the photos we all really got into these fabric bowls. Of course, Sara gets into anything that has the word fabric or art attached!

To keep things moving Jamie has us working at several stations - one of our projects is still a work in progress. We played around at the longarm with some Dissolve and fabric/yarn/thread mixtures -- or as Sara called it making "fabric pizza" (in keeping with our buffet theme) -- we added the ingredients we thought would make our thread bowl a tasty treat!

Then Jamie showed us how to do some serious thread play on our little creations. Tomorrow we will wash away the Dissolve and have a thread bowl. I can't wait to see how this turns out because I am having a hard time using my imagination as to what this is going to look like.

Our third project today was locker hook rugs. I think this is going to be a great way to use up a lot of scrap strips.

Annette found it very relaxing. Throughout the day we'd work at our leisure on one project or another, truly a "taste" of fabric art.

I needed a little re-teaching. I was so busy taking photos that I forgot to pay attention (grin), thanks Jamie for being such a patient teacher!

All too soon our day was over -- the gals all finished their fabric bowls and are proudly showing them in this group photo -- me, all I have to brag about is Miss Pixxie. sigh.

After everyone left I went back to the machine and worked a little more on my bowl until dinner.

I'm so blessed with a wonderful hubby -- tonight he grilled out hamburgers!

Even though we have been experiencing a heat wave of tipple digit temperatures, it was nice to eat out on the deck and just chill out after a long day of class.

However! I did go back inside and finished up my fabric bowl! Please note the time on my clock behind me 9:57. Just in case it doesn't show in my tired eyes, that's PM and not AM!

It's been a great day and tomorrow holds new wonders! Now if I can just settle down and go to sleep so I can enjoy it!

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