Friday, June 26, 2009

Workshop Updates and Other Art

Thursday and Friday have been two busy days at the Quilts 'N Kaboodle studio! Both days were Jamie Wallen's Mystical Cotton Track workshop with two different groups of students- a 'long version' of what he teaches at national quilting venues. The beauty of having a national teacher teaching in a private studio is the limited class size and the individual attention from the teacher -- I think we all felt like we were 'teacher's pet' at least once or twice during the day! Jamie is by far the most attentive teacher!

Thursday's class attendees were the same A-1 gals from the previous day's A-1 Maintenance class. We started off the day with a review in how to load a quilt. Many of the gals have only had their machines for a few months and were glad for the review. One of our ladies has her machine on order to be set up in a few weeks -- she was thrilled to get such detailed hands-on experience and jumped right in learning how to load a quilt.

Here's the photo of the A-1 gals who were able to attend the two day workshop, many driving several hours to take advantage of Jamie's expertise in A-1 Maintenance as well as his teaching of his designs in Mystical CottonTracks.

And here's the ladies in today's one day workshop, all "local" which in Texas means within a two hour drive (grin)

Jamie teaches his designs by having you first learn to draw them on newsprint -- he says this is developing muscle control and helps you to develop the design before bringing it to the machine.
What is so great about his workshops (and his teaching style) is that even beginner quilters can be successful. Up until today this new quilter had never attempted feathers. For a first-timer her drawing was very well.

Then with a little one on one attention and coaching from Jamie she had her 'ah-ha' moment.

If you click on the photo I think it will make it larger -- but see the difference! Amazing don't you think!

During our lunch break Son #2 came over, we had stopped by his apartment last night prior to him joining us for dinner and Jamie asked to purchase one of his original designs.

I believe it's titled "I'll learn to live without it..."

After this evening's dinner Jamie started unpacking some of his supplies for our Texas Marathon Fabric Art Buffet that will be a two day fun day this next week. Jamie will be teaching about 7 to 8 different classes during this two day event (no wonder he calls it a marathon). We'll do some fabric painting, learn to make fabric bowls, baskets, rugs, thread play on the longarm as well as fabric dyeing. I can hardly wait! Here's a sneak peek... stay tuned for more fun!!

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