Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood AND in My Bathroom!

This photo was actually taken yesterday morning when hubby and I decided we needed to support our local donut shop...after a week of being healthy with the Vita Mix we gave in to temptations -- and we took Pixxie with us to enjoy the neighborhood boat dock as we indulged in the sinful pleasures of a freshly made cinnamon twist.
Have to admit the scenery was breathtaking, I enjoyed the company and of course the donut was fabulous!

When we headed home we reclaimed our bathroom! Yes, after a week and a half of parts and pieces being all over the house as it was occupied by our skillful painter we finally were able to put things back in the cabinets and start decorating again. Added the final touches today as I found this beautiful poka dotted shower curtain that I just had to have. What do you think?

Believe it or not, the room is actually a little brighter than the photo - the yellow is called Buttercup. I just call it sunshine. This was taken at 8 PM and the lighting just doesn't do it justice. It is bright and beachie looking and I love it! Which shouldn't surprise anyone considering how much I love the beach! By the way, the jar full of sea shells were collected by my grandmother in 1993 when we took her to the beach for the first time at age 81 (George Island FL). When she went into the nursing home I inherited them. She's now 96 and everyday I think of her as I enjoy the shells.

We are still babysitting Son #1's fish, so it's a tad crowded at the end of the counter. We've been grandparents to these little beauties most of the year. Son #1 lives with our painter fellow -- they bought a foreclosure house back in February that needed a lot of work, a real fixer-upper. So due to the construction in their living quarters it was decided that the fish tank would occupy space in our bathroom, temporarily. (Yeah right, I've heard that one before!)Have to admit, they are fun to watch and are placed "before the throne" so there's plenty of opportunity to watch them (grin) and be in wonder of God's creation.

In this photo you can see the hand carved whale my dad made and our "window" to the beach outside. The poka dots on the real window are just fabric and not curtains yet. Complements of my neighborhood quilt shop, Pinwheels and Posies. I was thrilled to find something that would match my new decor.

So to celebrate, we made Toll-house chocolate chip cookies and are settling in for a Friday night movie at home.

Ah, life is good!


Muddling Through said...

Karen, I LOVE you new bathroom! It is so bright and cheerful - you almost wouldn't need coffee in the morning! (Almost)
Love you,

Karen E. Overton said...

since I don't drink coffee I guess you could say this is my wake up (grin)

fancystitching said...

Your bathroom turned out wonderful! The bright colors are great, and all the beach decor really finish it off nicely. HAHA about the fish "before the throne"!!


Betty said...

Have to admit, the bathroom turned out very nice. Very bright and can't help but make you smile in the morning.

Thanks for hosting us Saturday for the Longarm meeting. Love your studio as well!