Saturday, June 20, 2009

Road Trip! Quilt Related of Course!

We just returned from a wonderful road trip to Oklahoma, 1100 mile round trip in 3 1/2 days! Quilt related of course!

We headed northwest on Wednesday afternoon for a scheduled A-1 Longarm Quilting Machine set up and training just off the famous Route 66 -- had to take these photos to document that we were it's up to interpretation as to which critter represents me and which one represents my hubby (grin) but we really enjoyed our dinner at this fine establishment where the photo was taken. Wish we would have had more time to explore the historic route, but it did lead to a really nice little downtown area in El Reno where we had a good lunch at a local "meet" market and then a quick jump into a local quilt shop!

These yummy fat quarters were my 'treasure hunt' for the trip -- I found them at K's Quilting Studio where our newest A-1 longarm quilter works. I could have stayed longer in the quilt shop enjoying the beautiful shop samples on the wall and all the tempting fabric, but we had work to do!

Ah, but a few fat quarters really do go a long way -- can't wait to add these brights to one of my scrap quilts and just know they will remind me of our time in Oklahoma! I so enjoyed being out in the country and seeing beautiful scenes -- loved the corn growing and the horses grazing....okay, so the fabric doesn't look like corn growing or horses grazing, but it's going to remind me of that when I see it, that and my new friends!

As A-1 dealers we actually go to our client's studio to set up their table, machine, and to train them on routine maintenance, general troubleshooting, and the operation of the machine. Here you can see the fellows working through the timing of the machine. Hubby and "MacGyver" worked well together, I just stood back and let them have their 'guy time' since guys seem to speak the same language (grin).

Once that was behind us it was time to quilt! (This is my area!) Oh the joys of watching a new longarm quilter at her machine!

Can't you tell by this photo that she's a natural! I just know there will be plenty of happy moments in this studio - can't wait to see her beautiful quilts -- don't think she'll be working on practice muslin very long!

Two happy days spent with new friends, a road trip with hubby, and a few fat quarters to boot -- can't ask for any better -- I am truly blessed!

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Muddling Through said...

Sounds like my kind of trip! Glad you had fun.