Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Grateful for The Word

Tonight there was a special service at Calvary Houston -- we are in a building phase and nearing completion. As a dedication, members were invited to "write your favorite verse" on the concrete prior to the carpet being laid.

An "open house" atmosphere made it very casual to write your verse or verses and visit with others as they were writing theirs.

How exciting to think that wherever we will be in this future worship center that we will be standing on THE WORD!

It was a little dark inside so some of the photos aren't the best, but I think you'll agree that it was a very special time. I only wish I could have taken photos of all the verses to record this in history (smile).

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quilts of Hope delivered

Today all the Quilts of Hope that have accumulated in my studio during the past few weeks waiting for a home were disbursed...Four large ones went home with Sherry from Mainland Morning Guild. She is working with an organization in Galveston that is focusing on "one family at a time" to make sure their needs are met. Sherry's adoptive family consists of a grandmother raising her three grandchildren. In addition to the Quilts of Hope they will be provided with a lot of basic necessities to set up house keeping. I don't know how many families this organization is assisting, I just know of the one Sherry is working with. The need is so great, I can't imagine!

The remaining quilts (approx. 40-50) that hadn't already found a home were taken to Maranatha Baptist Church in San Leon -- you may remember me sharing about this little church in the early days after Ike...Bro Bill told me today that the timing couldn't be better - that now was the time folks were beginning to come back to their homes and replace items to set up housekeeping again. He said if the quilts had come quickly after Ike that they really would have been in the way of clean up. This was reassuring as I had been concerned since I had spoken to him months ago concerning quilts and felt bad I was just now following up (smile). See, God's timing is perfect.

As you can see from the photos, this little church was in the center of the storm - there is still debris on the side of the road to be picked up -- it was encouraging to walk inside the building and see new sheetrock, someone working on installing the new bathrooms, and the chairs set up for services. Also in the room were tables where the ladies are sorting through clothing and dontated items. I didn't think to get a photo of the "quilt pile" added to the tables (sigh) but just know that these quilts will be given out to familes in the San Leon area who are in the process of rebuilding and restoring their lives.

As the sign says "Prayer changes things" -- why not take a moment and pray for the Ike survivors, not just here in Galveston county, but all over the Texas Gulf Coast and other hard hit areas -- it was a "Texas Size" storm that did a lot, a lot of damage! As we approach Thanksgiving I can't help but be thankful that our home was spared and that we have such wonderful quilting friends nationwide that are allowing me to be the facilitator in giving out these quilts of hope to my neighbors! God bless you all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Wild Thing -- or What Was She Thinking!

It started out innocently, really it did! I found 40 four patches when putting my studio "back together" after one of the summer evacuation scares. They were made a year or so ago from my scrap pile and somehow forgotten. Fabrics with memories of quilts gone by that just needed to be included in a new project.

I didn't want to make more four patches to make a bigger quilt, but alone they wouldn't even cover Pixxie -- for the record, she's a southern Chihuahua and does like her quilts. Oh what to do?

Why not surround the patches with strips and use my newly found skills as a Square in a Square certified instructor and turn them into Option 5's (anything in the middle). And why not use that bolt of beautiful black wood-tone looking fabric? Why not indeed. Okay, round one and it wasn't much bigger. Hum...what about that cool lime green stripe that I just had to add to my stash earlier this summer? Make it an Option 2 (two times around)...hum...why not. Oh I loved what the stripe did for the overall look! But I didn't want to put lime green next to lime green, it was too dizzy looking. For the record, I like dizzy - but the quilt needed something else, besides it was still small and if you are going to make a quilt and really use it (and use up some of your stash) then it's gotta be bigger right?

Well, about that time I nicknamed this my 'dangling carrot' cuz it was really hard to keep focused on the task at hand (as in "punching the clock on Monday morning" -- this potential quilt was calling my name! Quite a distraction I must admit.)

As I shared in an earlier post several online friends said they'd help me out and send me carrot fabric, I asked for 5 inch squares thinking I'd just join it in with the SnS the meantime I purchased 3 yards of carrot fabric to use "somewhere" in the quilt...and then I got emails that folks had other veggies besides carrots did I want those too? why not! and before I knew it I had carrots and other veggies (and seed package prints) included in this wacky wild quilt.

And it GREW!! 88 x 111!!

Is that wild or what!

Here's a close up of the blocks.
The carrot sashing was suppose to make a secondary design of a star, but sorta got lost since I didn't use the back in the center -- my thinking? I wanted more scraps!
Oh well, maybe there will be secondary stars sashing in another quilt...

Here's the close up of the veggie blocks in the border from my friends

More blocks from friends
Did I mention that I used lime green thread?
Why not!?!

Close up of a little thread play at the bottom

This is the back flipped over to show the thread play AND the hand dyed backing.

I used a new batting, FiberCo's bamboo blend, a 50% bamboo and 50% cotton - just a little something I picked up at Houston Market (smile). I can't wait to bind it in that lime green stripe, on the bias of course. Once it's bound I plan on washing it to see how the bamboo holds up. I've been told that it does beautifully and drapes really well. All I know is it is SOFT!

So there ya' go my friends -- my Dangling Carrot quilt is wild and wacky and finished, and no, I couldn't tell you what I was really thinking as this quilt grew...I was just escaping to my own little corner in my own little room in my own little world on my "day off" and yes, it took a month of Sundays (smile) but it's finished and when the next cold spell comes we'll give it a try out on the bed to see if it's as warm as our Hobbs Tuscany Wool batting (smile).

Did I mention it was 70+ degrees today!! Oh I love the Texas Gulf Coast!!

Pictures are a great visual

and a reminder to continue to pray. The Lord hasn't forgotten - and we need to continue to do our part to lift this need of the missing plane and crew to Him in continued prayer.

Another update

Sent: Monday, November 24, 2008 9:37 AM
Subject: Nevrdun News - Prayer Request Update 26

No word on any new developments.

However, just in case you have been wondering, "Why is this taking so long?", thought you might like to see some pictures that Wes took yesterday while flying over Guyana . . .

Stay strong - my prayer for the missing crew, the rescue crews, as well as all the families involved. Stay strong, we are still praying! And eager to offer our Thanksgiving for your safe return

Saturday, November 22, 2008

That Dangling Carrot!

Hum....anyone remember way back when (probably the end of August, first of September) when I shared that I was working on a personal project that I called a 'dangling carrot'? Well, if not, I'll enlighten you (smile).

It was after one of the hurricane scares (before the scary one known as Ike). I had packed up my studio to prepare for the storm and in doing so found these 4 patches in my stash of UFO's.

After the storm I decided that these 40 four patches ought to be a quilt, but I certainly didn't want to make hundreds more, that was too much trouble. Being a newly certified Square in a Square instructor I figured I needed the practice so why not turn those four patches into the center of a square in a square? why not indeed?

Many times I've made mention that I piece and/or quilt for myself on Sundays after worship services -- it's my day of rest or rather, my day of pleasure, working on something I enjoy while listening to praise and worship songs....well, during this time I was behind in my customer quilts due to all the evacuations and storm mess so I found myself with a customer quilt still on the frame on a Sunday afternoon. Oh how I wanted to work on my own project! Alas, I came to a compromise...I worked a little on the customer quilt, then I'd set the timer and work a little on my own...I called it my 'dangling carrot' because knowing that I could take a break soon from the customer quilt kept me focused on finishing the task at hand. I joked and shared online that I ought to add some carrot fabric so I could legally call the quilt when it was finished My dangling carrot. And the rest is history!

Jeanne from All Things Quilty was quick to respond that she had some carrot fabric..and the next thing I knew it several of my online and local friends were sharing 5 inch squares of carrot fabric...well as it turned out my online friend Dawn, of Pajama Quilter fame, said she had then things turned to veggies! I did purchase some carrot fabric to add to the excitement and I hope continuity of the quilt....

Okay, the above photo is just a teaser....I've got the 88 x 111 quilt on the frame and have started out with my signature butterfly. As you can tell it's going to be WILD! Another messy masterpiece in the works so stay tuned....Sunday is coming!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Missing plane - one mother's hope

More from my friend whose son is a part of the search and rescue team .... keep on prayin' and by the way, thank you to those who have chatted with me personally saying that you were keeping up with this story - I know it's not the normal thing to blog, but why not use this medium to share things of importance such as this - it's a global effort of prayer for these young men and their families. And yes, God still is in the miracle business so keep praying for one!! ko

Sent: Friday, November 21, 2008 5:47 AM
Subject: Nevrdun News - Prayer Request Update 24

We've had the opportunity to read quite a bit about Chris and Wes B. Here's an article about Patrick, the third of the missing men, from . . .

Mom holds onto hope missing son will be found
Published Friday November 21st, 2008

Patrick Murphy, 20, missing after small plane crash in Guyana

By Adam Huras
Canadaeast News Service

The mother of a young Bathurst man is holding onto hope that her 20-year-old son will be rescued alive more than two weeks after the plane he was aboard went missing over the jungles of Guyana.

Patrick Murphy, a recent electrical engineering technology graduate of NBCC Moncton, was one of three men on board a US chartered aircraft which disappeared over dense Amazonian forest Nov. 2.

Murphy, an employee of Ontario-based Terraquest Ltd., was conducting geophysical surveys for Prometheus Resources Guyana Inc., when the twin-engine Beechcraft King Air plane he was on was last heard from.

"We just want to remain positive; we want people to continue their prayers because we truly believe that, through God, all things are possible," said Wendy Murphy, Patrick's mother. "We are waiting for them all to come home."

"What we are going through is very private, but it is very, very, very much appreciated -- all the prayers that are being given for the retrieval of all three boys."

Also on board were Americans James Wesley Barker, 28, and Chris Paris, 23, the captain and first officers of the plane.

Hope of their rescue appeared to narrow earlier this week when Guyana Civil Aviation suspended its search for the aircraft. Some 200 hours and 28,260 miles of aerial searching with no sighting of the plane prompted the government to end efforts. Guyana's Transportation Minister Robeson Benn said government teams had unsuccessfully scoured mountainous forests near the Venezuelan border.

But Dynamic Aviation, owners of the lost aircraft, and Terraquest Ltd. have now vowed to continue searching with no end date in sight. Steve Barrie, general manager of Terraquest said the search is continuing on the ground and in the air exploring "areas of interest," but did not elaborate on what that meant.

Murphy said knowledge that the search continues and other details not released publicly, amounts to the possibility of her son's safe return.
"There are a lot of details that you guys (the media) may not be privy to," Murphy said. "The Guyanese government has stopped their search, that's public knowledge, but the search continues regardless of the Guyanese government's involvement."

Search efforts were continuing as of yesterday.

Errol Persaud, department head of NBCC Moncton's engineering technology department, said Murphy's alma mater remains positive of his safe return home. Born in Guyana himself, Persaud said the Amazonian forest presents the capabilities for survival.

"The way the canopy is built down there, basically what happens is you have these tall trees and when an aircraft drops in, trees sort of open up and then closes up," Persaud said. "It's difficult to locate anything but, you know, if they survived the crash, there are plenty of things to eat, plenty of vegetation and it doesn't freeze at night like here."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quilters are the Best People

Today was guild day - I belong to several, but the third Thursday is Mainland Morning in Texas City, which meets in the morning, and Island Quilters of Galveston which meets in the evening. So today was a very fun filled quilting day!

Our guest speaker tonight in Galveston was Winnie Fleming. Winnie is a "local gal" coming from Friendswood, just a hop, skip and a jump north on I45. Winnie has been quilting for 26-27 years, has been teaching probably 20+ years, is a pattern designer, author, and scrap exchange queen of the Bay Area Quilt Guild (which I'm also a member of). And she's just plain talented!

I had the privilege of taking a "Borders" class from Winnie this past summer, I can tell you from experience that she's a master precision peicer and a gifted teacher. I was really looking forward to her trunk show tonight! It's always an extra treat when the guest speakers are local and are not limited to baggage weight! I'm not sure exactly how many quilts Winnie shared tonight, but I do know I took over 50 photos!

Her talk was actually two-fold encompassing pieced borders and sharing about scrap exchanges.

A lot of her quilts were made from exchange blocks. She shared that these "exchanges" can be addicting. Winnie enjoys the challenge of coming up with a special setting that is unique to her quilt and stated that she loved seeing what everyone else did with the same blocks. In fact, the Bay Area Guild participates so faithfully to these scrap exchanges that there is even a special category in the quilt show to include these works of wonder.

Winnie also demonstrated how to take an element from the quilt body and incorporate it into a pieced border. She gave several examples of different types of borders, sawtooth, delectable mountains, flying geese, arrows, strips, etc. And she explained the "floater" border that was the math key to making things all fit together.

I think we were all amazed that the quilt above was from block exchanges. She certainly has a talent for taking different blocks and turning them into pieced borders that have so much interest and character. Personally I love scrap quilts and I am in awe of her talent for making things work!

This quilt is the basic pattern she teaches in her Borders Class -- the class had several sessions spread out with a couple of weeks in between so you had time for the "homework" We concentrated on 2 borders each session and learned the ins and outs of construction -- two of my "classmates" (Cristine and Judy) from this summer shared their work in progress. I hope to have mine finished by the spring Bay Area Quilt the way, did I mention that Winnie teaches this class each quarter at Quakertown Quilts in Friendswood.

All in all it was a most enjoyable evening. I truly believe that everyone was mesmerized by Winnie's talent displayed in her trunk show. She had something for everyone -- there was a churn dash scrappy 1930's quilt, a beautiful black, white and red round robin quilt she had made for her husband, quilts with bright fun funky fabrics, plaids and stars with tenny-tiny little 9 patches, wonderful feathered star medallion quilts, and on and on and on. I could have sat there all night!

I've always been impressed by Winnie's talent, her way of organizing (such as the scrap exchange for her guild), her beautiful patterns (she has authored several block of the month patterns for Quakertown Quilts), I've found her to be a wonderful teacher who really knew how to impart her wisdom to her students, and I think she's an all around great gal...but tonight, she was elevated even higher in my book of heroes -- at the conclusion of her trunk show she shared how she knew the gals from the island had been so harshly effected by Ike that she wanted to share a bit of encouragement by offering to each guild member, whether they lost things in the storm or not, a copy of her book Simple Blocks Make Sensational Quilts. I have to admit this random act of kindness brought tears to my eyes. Way to go Winnie ~ you are an unsung hero girlfriend. Thank you sooooo much for your book, and for autographing it too (grin)

Yep, quilters are the best people. And quilters have a way of making light the burden of others by their generosity and random acts of kindness. Pass it forward!

What Are You Looking For in a Quilt Shop?

My best friend in Tennessee, who shall remain anonymous for right now (she knows who she is and if you are a personal acquaintance of mine you know who she is cuz I talk about her all the time), has an opportunity to buy out an existing quilt shop...this shop has been around for e-ons (that's Tex/Tn slang and I don't think there's a correct way to spell it, just take it as it comes E ONS which means forever) In recent years this little shop really hasn't keep up with the latest trends in the quilt world...ya'know what I mean, notions that are common among quilters but none of the newest hottest items, good fabric but not anything new coming in the shop in the past couple of years. Hasn't offered a class in decades and is clueless about the $6 block of the month Saturday Sampler stuff or the 2 1/2 inch jelly rolls or layer cakes, doesn't even know about Shop Hops (gasp!). Its located in a little old house and was run by a little old lady (smile) and now there's the opportunity to put a little life in the blood vains of this establishment! Wow! I'm soooo excited for the potential..I just wish I lived closer!

So why am I writing about this? for input. YOURS!

Yep, here's your opportunity to spell out just what you like (or dislike) about quilt shops from the way they are set up to the special events they offer. Time to get those fingers typing and send in your sugestions on what you'd do if you owned a quilt shop, or what you would like to see as a customer of a quilt shop. What are your favorite patterns or notions that are "must have's", any and all ideas that you would offer YOUR best friend, I'd like to offer mine with your help (of course I've burned up the phone lines between here and there the past few days as we discussed the pros and cons of going a little further into negotiations, but even I can't think of everything - grin)...

SEW...please be a pal and email me your ideas. I will forward them on to my girlfriend and perhaps together we can be a big cyper-hug of support and encouragment. Nope, can't promise you a thing. It's not a sweepstakes, there's no discount on future purchases or a free fat quarter, nada. Just an opportunity to express your opinion and perhaps it will be something that helps out a fellow quilter. Besides, that's the sort of person you must be, right, afterall, if you've put up with this rambler and enjoy the quilt "human interest" stories on my blog then I know you're the kind of person that would offer goodwill and free advice! Yep, I've got'cha pegged!

Email me at and put in your subject line "Quilt Shop Ideas" it would be fun if you'd include where you are from in your signature line. Let's put our thinkin' caps on my stitchin' friends and see if we can't offer some creative (did I mention inexpensive) re-vamping ideas to turn a tired old quilt shop into a house of excitement!! (she's gonna' shoot me for this, but in the long run I know will thank me - grin).

karen O in Texas
surrogate mother of a potential new quilt shop in Tennessee

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How'bout a SnS class!

Take 5 ladies, 5 sewing machines, a bunch of precut squares and strips and you've got the makin's of a great day!!

Yep, time for another Square in a Square hen party, er, class! Add a couple of tables to the studio and away we go!!

This time the Christmas Star or Exploding Star from Jodi Barrows' book Advancing On II. This little wallhanging is only six Option 14s, a lickety split project!

All were new to SnS today, and learned a new vocabulary of "options," "side one, side two," "short strips," and "Texas Two Step" without ever missing a beat!

Everyone is busy concentrating on sewing their strips together, although the chain piecing method really lends itself for yackin' time I happen to catch this serious moment on camera.

Betcha' didn't know a longarm machine makes a great cutting station (smile) I have 4 mats that go on the table (covered with a quilt to protect the tracks) that allow students their own spot to trim their options. Our time is spent at the sewing machine, the ironing station, and the cutting station. Good exercise.

A view from the front of the table show how I use the longarm as a place to showcase other SnS projects - ya'll know how much I love "show and tell."

And here's the best show and tell!

By the end of the afternoon all the ladies had their blocks complete -- all that's left is to add a couple of borders and its done! The Square In a Square method is fun, fast, and finished!!

Pixxie' pooped, but agrees that it was a great day! And she wanted me to remind everyone that we are having an Open House 12/6/08 from 10 to 3 to demo the SnS method and to talk about our longarm quilting services as well as our new opportuinity as the A-1 Texas Dealer -- which simply means you can get your hands on my longarm at open house and test drive one yourself! So if you are in the area plan on stopping by...demos, door prizes, and desserts -- email for directions!!

Oh and by the way -- if you are one of my SnS students bring your project for show and tell!

Missing Plane -- still hope

I received another news-report...bottom line they have NOT stopped the search, the company is still determined to continue looking -- lots of rough ground to cover. They believe the men are alive, that they are young and survivors! One of them was an Eagle Scout. Pray pray pray that their strength would endure and their hope would be rekindled.

"Do you not know? have you not heard? The Everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth does not become weary or tired. His understanding is inscrutable. He gives strength to the weary and to him who lacks might He increases power. Though youths grow weary and tired, and vigorous young men stumble badly, yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary." Isaiah 40:8-31

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Quilts of Hope received

As we are fast approaching Thanksgiving my husband and I were sharing with our grown sons how thankful we are to have a roof over our head -- literally, even though there's still a blue tarp covering it as we await insurance settlements we know we are blessed, especially when many many folks in this area don't have a roof over their head - many still don't have a home to come home to due to the flooding and damage from Hurricane Ike. Our thankfulness includes those on various online lists and others who are sending Quilts of Hope and Blankets of Love for distribution in this hard hit area.

I just uploaded more photos in webshots of over 30 quilts received from Joy as a result of her sharing the need with her guild, Bits 'N Pieces in St Louis. A big thank you to these generous quilters.

There is still a need -- especially for larger quilts. It's okay if they have been gently used, wash'em up and pack'em up, we'll take them and give them to folks who will love and appreciate them.

Continue to pray for this area. We're starting to get our winter down here, know that's unbelievable to some of you folks -- but last week we were in the 80's and now the high is 60's. It gets cold at night, especially to us southerners, and a quilt would certainly go a long way to shield from the cold and offer a bit of hope -- hope that the future will be brighter because someone cared.

Thank you for continuing to read this ramble and support those in need.

Missing Plane - oh the emotional roller coaster

There are two different emails here sent within hours of each other - both with a totally different out look. Prayer is working! Keep praying!

Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 8:32 AM

Subject: Nevrdun News - Prayer Request Update 19

Here is the latest from news found on the Internet. If you don't have time to read this entire message, read the title of the article and then scroll down to the last paragraph . . .

from Nov. 18 . . .

Search for Missing Aircraft, crew officially called off

"As difficult as it may seem, we have done everything we can possibly do" - Minister Robeson Benn

By Delana Isles

Aerial and specified ground searches, for the Beech King Air N87V aircraft that went missing with its occupants in the Mazaruni area last November 1, have been officially called off.

Consequently, the three persons in it, when the plane disappeared, have been declared lost or possibly dead.

"As difficult as it may seem, we have done everything we can possibly do," Transport and Hydraulics Minister, Mr. Robeson Benn told the media at briefing in his ministry yesterday. He said the basis for discontinuing the quest is their conclusion that the passengers in the aircraft have perished. According to him, if any of them had survived, the search and rescue parties would have picked up some signal with their equipment.

Benn added that, after 15 days of intensive searching, officials involved still do not have a firm location where the aircraft may have gone down.
He said it was a difficult moment for all the agencies that were participating in the searches as well as the relatives of the pilot, Captain James Wesley Barker, 28, and First Officer Chris Paris, 23, both United States (U.S.) citizens and geophysics technician Patrick Murphy, 20, a Canadian.

Benn said acquisition of photographs of the areas searched is being analyzed by a company in the U.S. and any information supplied will be checked.

He said they have already received some results from that source but none of it led to the successful locating of the aircraft or its crew.

The minister said the Government of Guyana and related agencies are in the process of drawing up a draft search and rescue document that will see the establishment of a particular body that will be responsible for the coordination of any future such venture, both maritime and aerial.

Director of Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), Mr. Zulficar Mohamed, who was also at the briefing, said, while no aerial and specified ground search will be conducted, residents around the suspected area where the aircraft disappeared as well as other individuals who know the terrain will continue.

He said several reports were received from miners in the vicinity and other avenues but no signal was ever picked up from any of the reported areas in the 200 miles and 28,000 metres flown over.

Mohamed, recounting the process by which the search was conducted, said none of the sophisticated equipment, which included thermal heating, infra-red and day cameras, direction finding devices as well as global positional system (GPS), has yielded any results.

He said each of the eight aircraft which commenced the operation, two British Norman Islanders, one Skyvan, two Lynx helicopters, one Piper Cherokee, one Piper Navaho and one Cessna 172, were assigned blocks to comb systematically.

Mohamed said another Beech King joined the effort with no success and, as a result, other resources, including helicopters and two more Beech Kings with electronic equipment were employed to no avail.

This was followed by intense ground searches in identified areas of interest, and they did not yield anything either, he said.

However, Mohamed said helicopters and other resources will remain on standby in the event of a positive sighting of the aircraft or its crew.
The N87V Beech King aircraft, which was contracted by Terraquest from Dynamic, Aviation Inc. of Bridgewater, Virginia, had been conducting airborne geophysical surveys for uranium deposits on behalf of Prometheus Resources (Guyana) Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadian company, U308 Corp.

U308 Corp announced, last September, that the Guyana Government had granted Prometheus Resources Inc. a one year extension of its reconnaissance permits for the exploration in this country.

Terraquest Limited, a specialist in airborne geophysics based in Markham, Ontario, was contracted to undertake the work in the Guyana interior.

Today's article contained much of the same information with the addition of this . . .

"But the mining company to which the aircraft was attached and the Dynamic Aviation owner of the plane are currently working with villagers to continue the ground search for the plane."

This one just in:

Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 12:39 PM
Subject: Nevrdun News - Prayer Request Update 20

This has been quite a roller coaster ride hasn't it?

If you've been gripping the safety bar till your knuckles are white during this whole ordeal, it's time to let the bar go, throw your arms up in the air and ride a few rails with wild abandon, shouting, "Praise the Lord!"

No, the plane hasn't been found.


But God is still in the miracle business and this ride hasn't ended yet.

Wes just called.

His bags are packed (uh . . . probably better make that bag), he's ready to go.

He and another pilot, John, were loading up as we spoke. The green light had just come. The wheels on the plane with the advanced technology on board will be rolling down the runway shortly. They plan to overnight in Ft. Lauderdale, and Lord willing, will be on their way to Guyana first thing in the morning. Oh God! Thank you! thank you! thank You!!

Wes recently talked with Chris' fiance. "The not knowing is so hard," she said. You can imagine.

Perhaps the end is in sight.