Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Delivering more Quilts of Hope - Blankets of Love

I'm still in a whirlwind after the Houston Market/Festival -- wow, 10 exciting days! During that time I received a couple of packages containing quilts for Ike. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't open them until today (sigh) but it was like Christmas when I did!! Check out the slide show further down on the right side of this blog (or view my webshots) to see each and every quilt that's come in so far!

This evening several of these quilts went out the door towards a good home...here's the rest of the story...

Early on when I made public the cry for Quilts of Hope a friend of mine from church emailed me and asked IF I received any quilts could he have two for co-workers who "lost everything" -- you may remember that request. Well, those two quilts were taken to church as soon as "adult size" quilts were received and entrusted with my friend. Just in the past 24 hours have I heard about the story behind the story on one of them...

"R" called to ask how she could get on the list for quilts...naturally I thought this was a new longarm customer and it took a while to figure out that I wasn't speaking the same language. (grin). She said she had received a quilt and wanted to know if she could get others. We made an appointment and she came by today after work.

Seems "R" is one of the co-workers of my friend at church. She shared that she lived between LaPorte and Seabrook and was temporarily homeless, staying with friends and coworkers while she battled with FEMA and/or insurance concerning what needed to be done to make repairs on her home. She shared that she had become discouraged and had missed a lot of work due to having to meet with adjustors as well as having had some surgery since Ike. One day at work they were having a going away party for a male co-worker. She said she noticed a couple of packages wrapped in "girly paper" which inwardly she thought was rather strange for the going away gift of her male co-worker. Little did she know that she and another lady were being presented with their Quilts of Hope. She shared that it was on that particular evening when the temperatures dropped and she was so thankful to have warm covering without having to ask her temporary hosts for additional bedding. "R" said this was the first night since Ike that she slept peacefully. I told her it was because the quilter had put in her love and many of us had prayed specifically that the quilt would be a blessing to the one who received it. She said it was!

So this evening she picked out a quilt for her mother, who lived only 3 blocks away from the bay in San Leon -- her house is totally uninhabitable and she's been relocated temporarily to the Dallas area to stay with extended family. She also picked out a lap size quilt for a young single mom and two of the Blankets of Love (rag quilts) made by Ginny and Torrie for her children that lost their home in Galveston due to Ike. In addition "R" took two more of the rag quilts for her grandchildren -- I believe she may be saving these for Christmas -- I'm sure thinking of gifts is another added burden for many effected by Ike.

Quilts are still needed, we've only just begun to deliver. The weather is getting cooler (well, not today it was in the high 70's and beautiful but the other morning when I did my water aerobics in an OUTSIDE pool it was 45 degrees). Ike seems like a long time ago, but believe me, the recovery is slow. Everyone is battling insurance or FEMA for assistance. Personally, we have just a small amount of damage and can't seem to get anywhere with our claim -- I can only imagine the frustration of those who lost so much more. Imagine being displaced from your home for almost two months and seeing little or no change in your situation. Sounds like a good comfort quilt would give a peaceful night's rest, don't ya'think?

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Needle and Thread said...

Dear karen

I always enjoy reading your posts. The quilts of Hope is a great project to get involved in. I started to work on mine.

I did not go to the Market, but had a opportunity to go to the Festival. Thanks for sharing all the quilt pics.

Happy quilting.