Thursday, November 20, 2008

What Are You Looking For in a Quilt Shop?

My best friend in Tennessee, who shall remain anonymous for right now (she knows who she is and if you are a personal acquaintance of mine you know who she is cuz I talk about her all the time), has an opportunity to buy out an existing quilt shop...this shop has been around for e-ons (that's Tex/Tn slang and I don't think there's a correct way to spell it, just take it as it comes E ONS which means forever) In recent years this little shop really hasn't keep up with the latest trends in the quilt world...ya'know what I mean, notions that are common among quilters but none of the newest hottest items, good fabric but not anything new coming in the shop in the past couple of years. Hasn't offered a class in decades and is clueless about the $6 block of the month Saturday Sampler stuff or the 2 1/2 inch jelly rolls or layer cakes, doesn't even know about Shop Hops (gasp!). Its located in a little old house and was run by a little old lady (smile) and now there's the opportunity to put a little life in the blood vains of this establishment! Wow! I'm soooo excited for the potential..I just wish I lived closer!

So why am I writing about this? for input. YOURS!

Yep, here's your opportunity to spell out just what you like (or dislike) about quilt shops from the way they are set up to the special events they offer. Time to get those fingers typing and send in your sugestions on what you'd do if you owned a quilt shop, or what you would like to see as a customer of a quilt shop. What are your favorite patterns or notions that are "must have's", any and all ideas that you would offer YOUR best friend, I'd like to offer mine with your help (of course I've burned up the phone lines between here and there the past few days as we discussed the pros and cons of going a little further into negotiations, but even I can't think of everything - grin)...

SEW...please be a pal and email me your ideas. I will forward them on to my girlfriend and perhaps together we can be a big cyper-hug of support and encouragment. Nope, can't promise you a thing. It's not a sweepstakes, there's no discount on future purchases or a free fat quarter, nada. Just an opportunity to express your opinion and perhaps it will be something that helps out a fellow quilter. Besides, that's the sort of person you must be, right, afterall, if you've put up with this rambler and enjoy the quilt "human interest" stories on my blog then I know you're the kind of person that would offer goodwill and free advice! Yep, I've got'cha pegged!

Email me at and put in your subject line "Quilt Shop Ideas" it would be fun if you'd include where you are from in your signature line. Let's put our thinkin' caps on my stitchin' friends and see if we can't offer some creative (did I mention inexpensive) re-vamping ideas to turn a tired old quilt shop into a house of excitement!! (she's gonna' shoot me for this, but in the long run I know will thank me - grin).

karen O in Texas
surrogate mother of a potential new quilt shop in Tennessee

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