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More information on Missing Aircraft

Thank you to those who left comments on the blog, they were forwarded, acknowledged, and appreciated. Here's the latest:

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From today's edition of the "Daily News Record" (, Harrisonburg, Virginia . . .

Search Continues For Local Air Crew

Posted 2008-11-08

Dynamic Aviation Plane Still Missing In Guyana

By Pete DeLea

HARRISONBURG - It's now been a week since rescue crews began a search for a missing airplane flown by two local pilots in South America.

Capt. Wes Barker and 1st Officer Chris Paris - both Harrisonburg residents and pilots with Dynamic Aviation Group Inc. of Bridgewater - were flying a twin-engine plane over the Amazon jungles of Guyana with a third crewman on Nov. 1 when they went missing.

The Harrisonburg men and Patrick Murphy, an equipment operator from Canada, were conducting aerial geophysical surveys for Prometheus Resources Guyana Inc., a subsidiary of U308 Corp. of Toronto, said Rick Roof, spokesman for Dynamic Aviation.

Dynamic Aviation President and CEO Michael Stoltzfus said crews are working hard to find the plane.

"Our efforts in Guyana continue unabated to locate our fellow crew members. We are searching intensely, applying advanced technology and adjusting creatively each day," said Stoltzfus, in a statement released Thursday. "We are strengthened and appreciate the tremendous outpouring of both practical support and prayers from our partners and friends."

Rescue crews will continue searching western Guyana, which lies in northeastern South America along the Atlantic Ocean coast.

On Sunday morning, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority began a search, joined by members of a parachute regiment from the British Royal Air Force, who were in the area on a training mission.

According to Dynamic Aviation, a plane was dispatched from Bridgewater on Sunday to assist in the search. On Monday, the company sent an additional aircraft configured with advanced sensors to Georgetown, Guyana, to aid in the search.

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No word from Wes since Thursday night.

But for those who might be interested, here is a link you can copy and paste to view a video clip of a news story featuring Chris that was airedon a Nashville TV station on Nov. 6 . . .

And then here is a link to a video clip of an additional news story thatwas aired on a Knoxville TV station on Nov. 7 . . .

Continue to pray for the missing pilot and crew, the families waiting, and the rescue team as well as their families.

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