Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How'bout a SnS class!

Take 5 ladies, 5 sewing machines, a bunch of precut squares and strips and you've got the makin's of a great day!!

Yep, time for another Square in a Square hen party, er, class! Add a couple of tables to the studio and away we go!!

This time the Christmas Star or Exploding Star from Jodi Barrows' book Advancing On II. This little wallhanging is only six Option 14s, a lickety split project!

All were new to SnS today, and learned a new vocabulary of "options," "side one, side two," "short strips," and "Texas Two Step" without ever missing a beat!

Everyone is busy concentrating on sewing their strips together, although the chain piecing method really lends itself for yackin' time I happen to catch this serious moment on camera.

Betcha' didn't know a longarm machine makes a great cutting station (smile) I have 4 mats that go on the table (covered with a quilt to protect the tracks) that allow students their own spot to trim their options. Our time is spent at the sewing machine, the ironing station, and the cutting station. Good exercise.

A view from the front of the table show how I use the longarm as a place to showcase other SnS projects - ya'll know how much I love "show and tell."

And here's the best show and tell!

By the end of the afternoon all the ladies had their blocks complete -- all that's left is to add a couple of borders and its done! The Square In a Square method is fun, fast, and finished!!

Pixxie' pooped, but agrees that it was a great day! And she wanted me to remind everyone that we are having an Open House 12/6/08 from 10 to 3 to demo the SnS method and to talk about our longarm quilting services as well as our new opportuinity as the A-1 Texas Dealer -- which simply means you can get your hands on my longarm at open house and test drive one yourself! So if you are in the area plan on stopping by...demos, door prizes, and desserts -- email for directions!!

Oh and by the way -- if you are one of my SnS students bring your project for show and tell!

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