Friday, January 16, 2009

Just saying Hi

Golly, the month is half over! Somewhere I lost a few days/weeks/months/years!! I've sooo much to tell, so many things to share, but so little time. And truth be known, I've slept since then so I really don't remember everything I was gonna tell (sigh).

But I did want to mention that I had sympathy pains for my northern friends who have been without power and such due to snow storms. No, no more snow in Texas but I did experience a power outage today.

For over 5 hours!

Did I mention that it was 33 degrees here this morning. Cold for the Texas Gulf Coast. Too cold to get out of bed, so just hit the snooze several times this morning....and then I heard it. POP! and the power went out. Sounded like a transformer blew. Great.

No hot shower. No hot breakfast. No heat.

Finally I decided that I just couldn't face cold cereal so I made it up the road to the local Mickey D's to find that as I walked in their power went off -- shutting down the registers. Well, I was hungry and not above begging -- yep, I asked for a biscuit and the lady was nice enough to give it to me. Free.

I sat in the warmth and ate my biscuit. I learned there had been a wreck on the highway earlier and that their power had gone off and on several times due to this. Strange that a wreck a half a mile away would effect my power....

Finally their power blinked on and I asked if they could warm up some pancakes. They told me that the cash registers weren't working so I offered cash in a larger amount than posted on the menu. Not the best breakfast in the world, but beggars can't be choosers. Hate to admit, I probably wasn't too lady-like in my wolfing down the pancakes (sigh).

I went home fully expecting to find my power back on too.

Nope. Not happening. Not for several more hours. Long day when a quilter can't quilt or even sew....

Seems a dump truck backed into the transformer down the way from my home causing the entire block to be out from 0830 to 1330. Bummer. And no time for a shower before the 2 o'clock customer...

Well, I'm happy to report that it's now almost 5 o'clock and I've had my shower -- feel like a new woman! Still need to dry my hair and doll up...have another customer coming in 30 minutes but the reason for the panic on the shower is IT'S FRIDAY NIGHT! Date night - and tonight it's the whole family plus one. My youngest turns 21 tomorrow and we are celebrating tonight.

So just wanted to say hi and let folks know I'm still breathing. Pixxie is a little less active with the cold, but other than that things are pretty good at the Quilt Rambler's house. Hope all is well with you too.

Stay warm. (makes me glad I'm a quilter!!At least its a good excuse to own so many quilts don't ya think?)


Susan said...

Karen, glad to see you back.
How was the retreat? Ok, gotta love ya, 33 is sweater weather, this morning I was out to get bagels at 6 am and it was -6. Baby that's cold outside but I do have power. Enjoy your evening with the family-- happy birthday to your 21 year old.

Manda said...

i would just like to say thats a bummer but glad it wasn't a lil further down or a lot of other people would have not gotten a hot lunch :)

Millie said...

Karen, we are not use to this cold weather either. I hope you have time to stay in bed a little bit longer over the week end. Just though I am saying "hi" and have a good week end!