Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taking A Break From Remodeling

Nope, this isn't my studio. And it's not outside my studio. This has absolutely nothing to do with my studio.

In fact, I'm taking a break from my studio. I'm several hundred miles from my studio.

If I'd of had these sort of deer in my studio instead of the deer on the paneling in my studio I think I would have liked the way my studio was before the remodel... NOT!

I'm just messin with ya' ... are you curious yet? Wonderin where this Quilt Rambler is...well, I think you've figured out I'm not in my studio!

Yep, taking a much needed break from the about a road trip? One that is shared with friends....

When Quilter's Gather:

Ever wonder what longarm quilters do when they get together?

Yep, we show off our newest panto patterns and then pull out the show and tell!

I just loved the way the embroidery was incorporated into the quilting on this quilt...I really hoped Ellen would have donated this to my new studio, the colors were certainly perfect don't you think?

Vonnie has been mastering feathers! When I saw this posted on her facebook I commented that I just had to see it in person! The photo just doesn't do it justice. It is fabulous!

Yep, girls just wanta have fun! Again, I though perhaps Vonnie had made this one just for me, it's my colors!

I hope she doesn't mind a sneak preview of an upcoming quilt that will be in one of the guild shows....the quilting is stunning.

Both ladies have done an excellent job with their quilting....but the party wasn't all about show and tell - it was about sharing among quilting friends... friends who are welcoming another friend into the A1 family!

That's right, we were all gathered to set up Janie's new A1. A story that started with quilting friends who decided they needed longarms....Vonnie got her's first in March 2010, Ellen welcomed her A1 October 2010 and now Janie has hers. These ladies are going to have sew much fun together with many many more quilting show and tells in the future!

Thanks for a fun filled day Janie, Vonnie, and Ellen. I look forward to you "heading south" in a few weeks to visit my studio and can't wait to see more show and tell! you've figured out that I'm not in my studio, I'm not even in my neck of the where have I been this week?

Enjoying friends and family that's where!

And playing games! While out of town we stayed with cousins Jimmy & Linda and enjoyed several intriguing games of Jenga along with the lots of good food and the joys of deer in the driveway every morning. It was truly a thrill to have one eat out of my hand!

So, how about a little Where's Karen ....can you tell anything from this photo that would give you a clue...yep, I'm enjoying the sunshine....

Probably a better hint with this one... Don't you just love the beautiful trees? Hum... deer, old twisted trees...any idea yet?

Perhaps a little checking up on mom by my son on his cell phone will give you a hint...

We truly enjoyed a little time away from the gulf coast with our fast and furious trip to the hill country. Wishing there were more days to play, but the laughter and fun was larger than life and we welcomed the much needed break from the remodeling of the studio.

But there's no place like home....and the welcome committee is outa this world!

And what a welcome that was! Including a surprise in my studio! My youngest son has begun my mural and I couldn't be more excited about it!
Stay tuned, there's more fun planned for the studio....

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