Monday, September 5, 2011

Life is Short, Eat Dessert First!

Believe it or not, that's the name of this little quilt.

I began this quilt top at my "49 and holding" birthday retreat in July 2009. It's a pattern called Nickel Bricks from my friend LeAnn Weaver's book Loose Change.'d of thought I'd put into practice what I preach (grin) - and quickly quilted this little delectable delight - but this little quilt has been in the "quilts in waiting" pile for quite a while. So much for the urgency...

I thought it would be fun to throw in some jelly beans with all the fruit and veggies, thought the fabric on the back was just perfect too. Oh, and did I mention that I used Soy batting? I thought that appropriate!

Well, the quilt top was started in 07/09 and the border added 03/10 and there she sat.....until this weekend. 09/11, when I needed a little selfish quilt therapy.

See, sometimes life throws curve balls. Kinda like having to "frog" out a quilt when there are puckers in the back...or feeling like you are missing out on all the fun when everyone else seems to be having a holiday...or being discouraged because there was more month than money... its easy to focus on the rough parts - the ole devil likes it when you do that - getting all full of self-pity and all...

But that's not reality! Life is good! The blessings always outweigh the disappointments. Trials only make you stronger, and more appreciative for the things you do have. And bottom line, it's about the people in your life more than the stuff that clutters it. Yes, life can get serious sometimes for all of us, in many different ways - perhaps that's when it's time to give yourself permission to eat the dessert first!

Lighten up and have a little fun. Laughter is the best medicine to chase away the mullie-grubs. And this little fun lap quilt is going to be my reminder to enjoy each and every day!

Life IS short, but as long as He gives me breath, I will try not to waste my time on the distasteful but to enjoy each sunrise and sunset that I've been given. And the only shadows I want to experience are the ones I find under the safety of His wings!

Psalm 34:8
Taste and see that the LORD is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

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Muddling Through said...

What a great quilt! And good advice, too. Sometimes we just have to take our own mind in our own two hands and turn it where it should be going, don't we!