Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Karen O Needs Your Help!

I'm interrupting my plans to blog about the recent Houston International Quilt Market and Festival to ask a HUGE FAVOR of all my blog friends.....

Background: My new daughter in law (January 2011) recently became a Mary Kay Consultant. As any good mother-in-law would do, I'm supporting her business. Funny thing is, I was actually looking into the Mary Kay line and considering changing when she became involved with this company,so the timing was perfect for me.

When Alena asked if I'd participate in a makeover contest I said "Absolutely" who can't use a makeover!! And the opportunity to have a complete makeover in New York!

So here's the favor! The first phase of the contest is determined by popular vote. The voting began Nov 1 and goes through Nov 10....and of course I was involved in Quilt Market and I'm needing to make up the lost time by soliciting votes.

Once you click on this link you will find hundreds of thousands of women all vying for the same grand prize - the chance for a make over in New York City! At the top right of the page there is a search box, type in Karen O and this page pops up.

They are real tricky, sometimes I'm on the right and sometimes my humbling photos are on the left....Above I'm the one in the purple on the right...

SEE! This quilter could really use a makeover! You can vote 5 times PER EMAIL ADDRESS per day. Hurry, there's only two days left!

If you are on facebook share the link with the following comment:

"Help this quilter get a makeover, type in Karen O in the search box and vote for the one in purple, 5 times a day per email through 11/10"

I would truly appreciate all the help from my quilting friends and all their friends. I think it would be a blast to take my new daughter-in-law on a trip with me to New York - and it would be worth the humbling photos to get there!

Tomorrow I share about the Quilt Show - so go vote and stay tuned!

karen o in Texas!

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