Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Design Wall Tuesday

Thought  I'd share what I'm currently working on...I have both a design wall and a design "floor" - for those of you who may not have wall space here's my little $2 tip - go to Wally World or somewhere economical and look for the flannel backed table cloths - they should be on sale as it is end of summer. Here I have two laid out on the floor to be my "design floor" for a customer t-shirt I am working on today, These are also great if you go to retreats or sew ins  -  when you are ready to pack it up, just roll it up!

 For grins I thought I'd share a personal project that may be hanging for months on my design "wall" - I recently finished piecing these blocks at my guild's sew in  (started over a year ago). The "white space" of my design wall is where I will put a narrow inner border. Eventually. Like I said, it will probably hang for a while, but it adds a colorful touch to the studio and makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. 


Muddling Through said...

I am liking that quilt on your design wall, Karen. Batik? It is really pretty!

Vicki said...

I like your design wall quilt. I just got the pattern and it is on my list to do....take care, Vicki in SC