Monday, July 20, 2009

Guns and Quilts? What's the common denominator?

Simple. The common denominator is the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston!

Sunday we had an afternoon "date" to the gun show. Okay gals, equal time here. Hubby goes to the quilt shows so I go to the gun shows and car shows!

I love taking the bird's eye view photo from the third floor of the GRB looking down onto the floor. The gun show was in Hall B where as the quilt show takes up Halls A-D AND all the classrooms and ballrooms throughout the facility. Gosh, it's still 3 months away, but it was great to be in familiar stomping grounds even if the booths and vendors were a little foreign to me (grin).

You have to realize that I'm a Texan, and yes, all those things about Texans being conservative gun toters is pretty much the way it is, at least at this show! Have to admit that I had a blast and managed to do a little shopping for myself....

Okay, now on to quilts!!! I worked really hard the past week or so on a beautifully HUGE king size quilt that was custom quilted with lots of feathers. You may recognize it as one of Pam Bono's designs that was featured in a magazine last spring. My customer was very eager to have it returned to her quilted this past week, and I enjoyed quilting it.

Of course I have to take close ups of the back side....other photos will be uploaded later in my current quarter of customer quilts on webshots.

In between the king size quilt I squeezed in two small quilts that are a part of a "buddy quilting classs" at the local Pinwheels and Posies Quilt shop. You really need to go to the shop to see them in person. This one is custom quilted with freestyle feathers and my special butterfly logo sprinkled in...

And this one is done with a pantograph of feathers. Both are beautiful and made of the same fabrics, just reversed or something (grin) You need to read the class description. Two folks work with the same kit together and then the end result is two different quilts with the shared colors. I'd love to have time to make these as I think they are really pretty.

I will be putting close ups on the webshot album so you can see the difference in quilting....right now I'm ready to join hubby for a DVD and a little popcorn all safe inside our home with the freedom of quilts and guns that make Texas, and America, great.

Betcha' learned something new about the Quilt Rambler -- I enjoyed the gun show (this was really my first)... can't beat'em join'em -- after all, they enjoy my quilts!!


Lynn said...

Beautiful! You do gun shows, I do brew pubs. Not a bad trade off.

Laurie said...

I love the quilting on those quilts. I know that you use and love isacord and use it a lot but what do you use in the bobbin?

Diane said...

How'd I miss the Gun Show?! We've got a whole houseful of Texans that would have gone. I need to get on the mailing list... :^/

Cathy said...

My hubby and I do the same thing! He's shooting national matches at camp perry in ohio next month but I can't go this year -no vacation time left.