Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So where's My computer?

Inquiring minds want to know (grin)

I gave up the desk top for a lap top around Christmas time - hence the ease of rotating the computer desk out of circulation in my new corner of the studio. I purchased a laptop 'tv tray' at Wally-world the other day and I can conduct business anywhere in the room since the tray is on wheels (and I have a wirelesss printer! too cool!)

So there you have it guys and gals! The mystery is solved.

Next re-do will be the corner next to the couch to the left -- that's my domestic sewing machine nook and it's in a bad way....but, in time it will be transformed too. Gives me something to look forward too (grin)

Oh, and one more thing -- more than half the books in my cabinet were purchased from half-priced books or guild auctions, so for the record I've shopped wisely for my collection (double grin)

1 comment:

Vicki said...

love your curtains. And I had to look for the laptop. LOL. I love it.