Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More On The Fabric Bowls

This first photo was provided by Jamie Wallen as a promotional for the workshops held here last month of baskets made by him and his partner Rosanne Campisi - the designers for the fabric bowls and new DVD Mrs. Kings' Gallery Baskets. This is the premier week and if you act now you can order the 2 day/2 disk workshop at an introductory price. Visit Jamie Wallen's website for ordering information.

So what makes these baskets unique? First of all they are done on the domestic sewing machine -- someone e-mailed me to ask if they were longarm baskets, which would be a natural assumption since Jamie and Rosanne are both A-1 Longarm Quilting Machine dealers and since Jamie is a National Longarm Instructor. So breathe a sigh of relief and clap your hands while uttering a big "ye-ha" guys and gals - anyone with a sewing machine can do this!

The other thing that I find interesting, besides how relaxing and theraputic not to mention addicting this can be, is the fact that it's made of our scrap fabric -- I've now found a use for the left over binding fabric that I couldn't bring myself to throw away... Okay, that's not the only thing intersting...what IS unique to their method is the construction. I'm not going to give away the trade secrets (grin) but if you look closely you can see that there are no loose threads - in other words, no raggy craftie looking "unfinish" -- these truly are gallery bowls/baskets. The one pictured above is also shown pictured below with a bowl from my fellow workshop classmate (see June archives on the Jamie Wallen Workshops)

Aren't they beautiful! I wish I had photos of the ones my classmate has made since the workshops - but here's a photo or two of what I've done since class. I took the same principle and made a bath mat for my bathroom, it is scotch-guarded and when it wears out it wears out (grin)

This past weekend I made the matching bowl to sit atop the necessary spot in my bathroom holding a necessary item (grin)

So all that to say this -- check out the information on the DVD - there are several different styles and lots and lots of wonderful details on the 2 disk DVD. My friends Jamie and Rosanne really are top notch in their methods and ease of teaching, you will feel like you have them in your home for your own private workshop -- and the best thing, you can rewind and review as many times as your little heart desires!

I'm seeing pretty Christmas prints on my next bowl/basket making adventure. Looks like I've solved the Christmas shopping delima!

PS - when you order, tell them Karen sent ya' -- the Quilt Rambler rambling at her best (grin)


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

The bowls are marvellous!

fancystitching said...

Great promo, Karen! I can't wait to get my DVD in so I can find out about other styles of baskets to make. You are so right... they are fun and addictive! Your new basket for the throne is wonderful! I really like the color progression and the 3-cord handle.


Karen E. Overton said...

Hey Kathy, those of us that were in the class our DVD's have already been shipped! Annette discovered if you use macrame cord it's not as firm and when you squish the handles together you get a little purse (grin) she's eager to get the DVD to see how Rosanne made the cool handles that look more like a purse. It's going to be sew much fun to try all the styles. What a nice distraction to avoid quilting burn out! Once you get yours you'll have to do a promo on your blog too!

SandyQuilts said...

How pretty they are.

They are similiar to "It's a Wrap: Sewing Fabric Purses, Baskets, And Bowls"
by Susan Breier