Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Day of Thanks

A day of thankfulness, a day of remembrance... as my mom noted, my house is full of things that remind us of those who have gone on before...the empty seats at our table... dad, my grandmother, my great aunt... We ate at Ma-ma's table, sat in Aunt Luna's chair, were surrounded by things that Dad had made...many things that they had given us...

What they gave us was a rich heritage, a life filled with love and an empty place in our hearts as we miss them so much this time of was called to the Lord's Army December 2003, my last time with him was Thanksgiving Day 2003. My great Aunt Luna joined the heavenly choir the day after Thanksgiving 2007, and recently my grandmother after celebrating her birthday here on earth in September 2009 was reunited with my Papa who preceded her through those pearly gates January 1994....What a reunion they must be having, what a celebration to be in the presence of their Lord and Savior be together forever.

In the meantime, those of us left behind who are trying to remember that it's just a temporary separation, enjoyed the presence of those of us in the present. As hard as it is sometimes to go on without those who are missing from our table, our side, our lives, we know that we must - for we are the present generation making memories that will one day comfort one another as one by one we make our final my pastor says ' the statistics are staggering, one in one dies' - but we do have a choice of living forever if we make the choice for Jesus before we go to the other side...

So we enjoyed our day. Hubby smoked a chicken with Pixxie keeping diligent watch. Mom taught me how to make "potato boats" or what is sometimes referred to as twice baked potatoes. I told everyone to mark this day in history as this instant potato gal made REAL mashed potatoes for the first time in my entire life! And they were great (if I do say so myself)

We enjoyed our meal and then the fellows went to the man cave as the gals gathered in the quilting studio where I showed my sis how to make the fabric bowls.... went to check on the fellows and this is what I discovered!

Yep, a day of memories. A time to reflect on what truly matters in life... the short version: Jesus, family, and a cute puppy!

Happy Thanksgiving my friends. I pray that your day held wonders and memories and gratefulness that our founding fathers had the vision for freedom and creating 'one nation under God'. God bless America! Thank you to our men and women who sacrifice for our freedom and thank you Jesus for your ultimate sacrifice of love that we might indeed be truly free.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving. It is very sad to have loved ones absent from the table but as you said it is only temporary!

I'm glad you were able to rejoice and have a lovely day.

Your puppy dog looks very happy!