Sunday, November 1, 2009

Accessorizing At It's Best

Of course the photo of Pixxie on one of Ma-ma's quilts has nothing to do with the title - but as a certified rambler I'm allowed to jump around with my thoughts! The other day I was really missing my grandmother so decided to cuddle up in one of her quilts while I read my One Year Bible reading for the morning....later I saw that Pixxie was also enjoying good memories...

Okay. On to the real story. Well, one of them at least.

In last week's episode (sound like a bad TV announcer don't I?) if you remember (if not read the post below) I spent my "day off" quilting some yardage...a test of new thread and new batting...well...I had another plan for that project besides just reporting in on my findings...I planned on making a new purse!

So this week I cut up that quilted yardage and put it to good use!

This is the inside zippered pocket of a pursed based on the book Zip Couture by Linda F. McGehee.

I've made good use of my friend Kay's zipper stash that she loaned me several months ago. I like the way this pocket is done, not only is there a secure zippered part, but the top is open so there's actually a pocket behind the zippered pocket.

This is the outside pocket. Somehow I got it a little more 3D than the pattern, but I learned how to use part of a leftover zipper as trim! (Top of pocket) This outer pocket will hold my phone.

Decided to try the cording option around the exterior of the bag. Not bad. And not hard to do.

The hardest part was putting in the separating zipper around the top and then putting binding over that. It wasn't too painful! Can you see that I covered the webbing with fabric that matched the binding and cording? Gave it a fresh look I think.

And of course I had to make a few interior zippered bags to organize the inside. No pattern, just leftovers and a zipper. The tall one on the left holds my calendar, pen, calculator, business cards. I made it a little pleated on the bottom so it would stand up. The smaller one on the right holds my girly stuff such as comb, gum, mirror, small hand sanitizer, etc.

Next I decided that I wanted a new wallet so I used a pattern I found on the internet called Cash Keeper by Studio Kat Desgins.

I changed up the easy pattern just a tad by adding a vinyl sleeve for my driver's license. Of course to protect my identity I covered up the vital statistics (actually I didn't want anyone to know my age!)

This is a cool little wallet, there's a zippered coin purse on the back and in between is where you keep your bills.

I purchased several patterns by Studio Kat Designs and hope to make more of her designs. I was impressed with the ease in following this pattern, so gives me hope for the others! She does have a purse organizer that I hope to make, but in the meantime I think everything is pretty well organized thanks to all my little zippered bags.

Oh, and see the key hanger! I like that feature. All I need now is to make a new eyeglass case to match and a checkbook cover since I changed from a wallet that had one built in to the little cash keeper. Another project for another day!

It's been a busy week and I wish I had more time to fill you in on the details, but did want to let folks know who contributed to Stashbuilders that all the boxes of fabric have been turned over to the guild's board to be distributed among the ladies who lost their stash last year in Hurricane Ike. Thank you for your generosity!

I for one enjoyed the extra hour's sleep this morning that Day Light Savings Time offers - however, I hate that it gets dark so early. I'm not really a cold, dark season sort of gal - really need the blue skies and lots of sunshine to warm my heart and keep my attitude in check. Fortunately today was beautiful outside and I enjoyed my drive to worship services this morning and took a little detour on the way home just to enjoy the drive more. Sigh. Now's it's time to close the shades and hibernate, dark-thirty came early today. Sigh.

Ah! but it's time to pack up the new purse and go out to dinner with hubby, a Sunday night ritual that will certainly brighten any gloom of darkness! Too bad I don't have time to make a matching vest....nah...too much of a good thing is simply too much!

Thanks for stopping by and seeing how I spent my day off this week!

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Anonymous said...

Karen, Karen, Karen, You rock. I am always amazed that you find so much time to "chat" and "quilt" and sew up more interesting items. Keep up the good work, and know that I feel like I have a friend way down in Texas. From Marion, way up on the west coast of Canada. BC.