Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Stash Builders

September marks the one year anniversary of Hurricane Ike.

Many of my fellow quilt guild members (Island Quilters Guild) live on Galveston Island and were devastated by the effects of the hurricane.

A few weeks ago one of my longarm online groups had a discussion about organizing their stash... which lead to a brainstorm for me...and then a challenge...

Why not cull a few pieces from your stash as you are organizing it and donate to these ladies who lost their stash to Ike? Why not indeed? Yesterday I received this lovely assortment of fabric from Barbara in North Carolina - the first to contribute to STASH BUILDERS.

Our guild meets 9/17 just a few short days from the one year anniversary of Ike. I will be taking this loving contribution to be distributed among the ladies that lost their fabric. Our guild has a membership of about 60 and a good 2/3's of them do live on the island and did experience the furry of Ike. These ladies will be pleasantly surprised to go home with a little bit of love and color to help rebuild what has been lost.

If you would be interested in sending good quality quilting fabric to the ladies of Island Quilters Guild I will be happy to provide my address and facilitate the donations. (email me karen @ quiltsnkaboodle.com) Despite their own losses, these ladies have continued to provide community service projects to others in need in our area.

Giving keeps on giving....

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