Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Fabric Bowl

I recently ordered a fabric strip set from Connecting Threads, the Rivera Collection (and a couple more!) with the intention of using the precut strips for my next fabric bowl. There were 20 strips, but I culled out two that were very white, they'll make it into a scrap quilt someday. I'm not a big fan of brown, but it worked nicely as the base of this bowl.

Again, I'm working with Rosanne Campisi's technique of fabric covered clothesline. She has a wonderful 2 disk DVD called Mrs. King's Gallery Baskets that she has produced with her business partner Jamie Wallen who was my guest teacher in my studio this summer.

I am so hooked on these bowls! There are several techniques out there that involve fabric and clotheslines, but this technique is unique in the way it gives you a more finished 'gallery' type basket. Rosanne has given me permission to teach her technique to my students with the purchase of the DVD - so I do have a class scheduled in September, and will probably have several others in the future. So far I've only made a couple of round bowls with handles and this oval bowl. I want to make the basket with a lid, but there wasn't enough fabric in this collection to do it's still on the 'to do list'.

I'm looking at fabric in a whole new way now...seeing possibilities of color combinations and wondering just how scrappie I can get a way with! Stay tuned....I'm sure there will be more!!

In the meantime...back to the longarm, next up - feathers!!


Judy said...

I love it! I've made a couple more small ones since my blog post and bought all the clothesline at the local hardware store. :) I have to finish all the garden work before I can play again. Darn!

Karen E. Overton said...

bet the hardware store thinks you are going into the laundry service with all that clothesline! It's addicting. Decided that all my leftover bindings were fixing to make their way into the next basket!Stay tuned!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Really great colors!

Cynthia said...

Love the bowl. I bought the dvd's and can not see what brand of clothesline she used. She said on the dvd that supplies were available on Jamies web site- I think - I looked there but couldn't find any supplies. So- what's the brand name for the clothesline please? Thanks

Karen E. Overton said...

Cynthia - the brand used is Whitney Design, you can have your local quilt shop order from their suppliers. In a pinch I've tried others - including 3/16 cording from JoAnne's as well as cheap clothesline from the dollar store...all work, but the one Rosanne recommends is more consistent in diameter and smoother. The supplies should be added soon to Jamie's website.