Thursday, August 6, 2009

From the Rising of the Sun to the Setting of the same, His name is to be praised!

Just wanted to share a quick sunset photo with you taken from the back porch of a quilting friend on Tiki Island (just north of Galveston on I45) We had our guild board meeting there and I just "happened" to have my camera!

A wonderful reminder of our awesome Creator!

This has been a day of rejoicing -- the yard art is changing! For a residence of two we've somehow accumulated 5 of which hasn't moved in almost two years...Son #2's wreck from Christmas 2007 (I think, or was it 2006?) Well that little beauty got taken away today to be sold for scrap metal!

Can't you hear the choir singing "oh happy day....oh happy day!"

The one behind the trailer is suppose to have a new owner soon. It's also Son #2's -- funny how they move but forget to take their toys (grin). And the final one to go will be my old car since I now have a "new to me" car....Ah! there's hope. Soon we won't have any yard art that appears to be a used car/junk yard in the making.

Yes, a very good day, and the Lord be praised for the miraculous connection this morning with the gentlemen and his two young helpers who took the red car off our hands. Talk about a divine appointment, hubby and I were taking a morning walk to the bay and who should pass but this fabulous person who said he'd be glad to help us. Oh happy day! Oh happy day!

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fancystitching said...

WONDERFUL sunset photo, Karen! Makes me want to come back that way again soon (when it is COOLER!). I thought your "yard art" added character (of one sort or another) to your place, but I'll rejoice with you that it has moved on to another home.