Thursday, August 13, 2009

Preparing the Man Cave

Time to interrupt this quilting blog to talk about my better half....

We've lived here 4 years this October, the main reason for purchasing the house was for my studio for my longarm business. It's quaint little 2 bedroom 1 bath that we lovingly call home.

Through the years we've seen a lot of transitions (recently the bathroom getting a face lift and of course my studio is always being rearranged). Mainly these upgrades have revolved around me me me. My hubby is sooo self-sacrificing!

Well, now it's his turn!

Bedroom # 2 started out as Son #2's room in 2005. I can't remember how long he was here until he moved into his first apartment and was gone about a year. After he left the room became a 'junk room' as we eliminated our storage shed, with the plans of "one day" going through things and getting organized. Well, that idea didn't last long as Son #1 asked if he could move back home for a few weeks as he was in between leases on his living arrangements. Sure, no problem, move the junk to the attic....

Bedroom #2 became Son #1's room, which was longer than a few weeks....(isn't that the way it goes). In the meantime Son #2's year lease was up and he needed to move back home, so for a few months he was camped out on the couch in the living room until Son #1 moved into his next abode and relinquished Bedroom #2. Pixxie loved having her boys back home. It was a good time even if we were crowded (but much better than all 4 of us living in an RV full time like we used to!)

I fondly call this time period our "Revolving Door". We were pleased to be able to help out our boys, but equally pleased when they returned to live on their own. You have to realize, at the time of this writing they are only 24 and 21 and each has been basically self-supporting since turning 18 so we are very proud of them and seriously didn't mind the revolving door time of our lives.

Okay, sometime early this year EVERYONE had their own apartment/home and hubby began the clean up job of Bedroom #2, which I've labeled "the Man Cave" -- several years ago when it was in the planning stage (which was interrupted by the revolving door stage) I used to call it the NASCAR Room because that is going to be the majority of the decor, but I've since learned he has plans for NASCAR, hot rods, surfing, etc so now I just call it the Man Cave.

The paint job was finished around the same time period as our bathroom, end of June I think. It was decided that the TV in the living room would occupy this space and a new couch was put in layaway around Memorial Day with hopes of getting it out around Labor Day. (Which translates that I get to rearrange MY living room without a TV! something I've always wanted GRIN)

Today the TV was moved into the Man Cave. Complete with a Craftsman Work Bench that I bought my sweetie last night for this special room of his (which he will share with me on home movie date nights, so it's still all about me, me, me in a way). Kinda fits the theme don't ya'think?

I'm told this is a temporary fix, as the next major purchase will be a flat screen TV....which may take a while, but hubby is a very patient fellow, after all, he's been waiting for his own room for almost 4 years!

Here's hubby and Son #1 checking out the surround sound based on where the couch will be TOMORROW! Yes, praise God, we've been blessed and it's getting out of layaway earlier than expected. By tomorrow night I'm sure we'll be checking out a DVD on the TV complete with loud surround sound. Hope it doesn't rattle the windows too much!

It may take a while to get things decorated, but that's okay. Hubby likes to take his time and have things just like he wants them. I'm sure I'll have the opportunity to sew some curtains and I'm already thinking checkered print to resemble the checkered flag at the races! Pillows are on the agenda too. Hum...wonder if he needs a fabric bowl to hold the remote controls? I just love redecorating!


Muddling Through said...

Congratulations Johnny! And you, too, Karen. I know you'll both enjoy your new hang out space. :)

EileenKNY said...

Hi Karen,
How about a fabric bowl in his favorite football team's colors??

Karen E. Overton said...

The couch arrived today and Pixxie approves!
Football? what's that? my guy is into racing and that's an every month sport -- Nascar, stock car, drag racing, truck racing, sometimes motorcycle racing if no 4 wheeled type are on - so nix on the fabric bowl with football team colors! But thanks for the thought!