Monday, September 14, 2009

Stash Builders report

I've had a lot of fun opening packages lately! They have come from Barbara in NC, Theresa in MO, Laura in CA, Judi in OR, and Elizabeth in PA - so far...I know of a couple of more that should be arriving soon.

All this beautiful fabric has been generously donated by fellow quilters to be given to quilters from the Island Quilters Guild in Galveston.

A year ago today many of our guild members lost their homes - and fabric stash - to Hurricane Ike.
Many are still displaced and rebuilding their homes. Galveston folk are hardy, Texas folk in general are just that way. Everyone pitches in and gets the job done no matter what it is. It's been fascinating to see how the area is rebuilding. Have to admit it's been hard too, but folks around here had rather focus on the rainbow than the storm that caused it.

So enjoy the rainbow of fabric and thank you to those who have contributed - both of their stash and to all those who contribute their prayers!

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Quirky said...

Wow - that is a lot of fabric!