Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

I was hoping to complete a little quilt today and post it as my New Year's greeting (it went on the frame yesterday and only needs borders to be finished)...but alas, cleaning out the closet, bookcase, and kitchen pantry got the best of my day (grin). Seems January has always been a time to clean and re-organize and I truly look forward to it.

Typically I also like to work on a UFO list for the year and pledge to do better than the previous year in knocking some projects off my list...problem is, I'm always adding more! I think I must enjoy the challenge of picking out the pattern, fabrics and planning stage more than I do the completion stage. One reason why I have tried my hand at wholeclothes, a chance to quilt without piecing! There's just not enough hours in my day - sound familiar!

Well, I found a UFO challenge in blogville... Checkout Patchwork Penguin's UFO challenge...I like her idea and her style and encourage you to participate if you too have UFO's, but I'm going to have to do mine a little differently. Being a quilter for hire (as well as an A-1 quilting machine dealer) I never really know how my month is going to turn out, will I have a few hours in the evening after work to devote to my own quilting? How many Sunday afternoons will be taken up with family instead of 'my day off' to quilt? My thinking is to work on my projects as much as I can and in the order of the ones that are nearest completion first! I like the prospect of some-what instant gradification (grin) so picking my own order instead of a random number with a group is going to work best for me.

I've made a list of all the projects that are started already and in those nice little project boxes on my shelf. I'm sure I'll add a few as we go. I'm hoping to learn how to do the html code to be able to draw a line through the ones I've completed cuz knowing me they WON'T be done in the order listed. Anyone that knows how to do this can enlighten me! please!!

As an encouragement I'm going to post photos of completed items - and right now I've got the 2009 album up to remind myself that I did accomplish something last year!

2009 Personal Quilts & Projects

So that's my reduce my UFO pile, and to quilt up those tops that are "quilts in waiting"....oh, and did I mention going back and putting labels on all the quilts all over the house while I can still remember the names of them and perhaps the dates they were made.

Lots to look forward to in 2010 - and not just quilts! But that's all I want to talk about for now....

The Quilt Rambler,
Karen O in TX


Linda said...

Hi Karen,
I just discovered your blog on the Patchwork Penguin site! I have been quilting for almost a year and I love it!
Happy New Year,

Karen E. Overton said...

Hi Linda, glad we're connected now. Looking forward to a great year, both quilting and blogging (grin)

Trudi said...

What a busy year it's been, with much to celebrate! I just found Patchwork penquin too! I'll be making my own list :) Happy new year to you and yours!