Thursday, October 10, 2013

Seasons of Life

 Ever notice how things seem to be in cycles. Take dishes for example - the need to do them seems to roll around quite often (grin). Sometimes they pile up, neglected. Other times they seem to be such a bother, gotta do the dishes, AGAIN. Yet, when I stop to think about it, dishes are a blessing. In my case, just the beautiful colors make me smile. But beyond that, dishes mean I've had something to eat! Perhaps something to share with others. Maybe even a celebration! Or more than not, just routine of daily life...still! Dishes mean life is continuing, normal or not, there is something to be thankful for.

Days, like dishes, sometimes pass by unnoticed. Soon the days turn into weeks and the weeks into months. Before you know it, seasons have changed. To my regret I don't always pause long enough to enjoy the blessings of the day! Time passes by quickly and before ya'know it, summer has turned into fall and fast approaching is the holiday season.

One day last month my daughter in law, Katie asked if I'd help her get started on a special Christmas project....seems there's a fabulous tradition in her family that everyone has a special made stocking from a certain craft manufacturer's kits using felt, embroidery, and other embellishments. Wanting to make a new tradition of her own, Katie ordered a Christmas tree skirt from this same company. Eager to get started she was a tad overwhelmed by the 400 step instruction sheet! She brought it over to the studio and we deciphered the instructions (actually Katie had them 99% figured out) and I taught her a few embroidery stitches and she was on her way!

In keeping with the mood of the day I put on Christmas music and began working on a Christmas project of my own - tropical santa....details on him later as he's not complete yet.  Katie worked hard that afternoon and after what seemed a thousand small steps she had a beautiful peppermint candy as the first deposit of multiple embellishments on what I know will be a treasured family heirloom.

Yes, the cycle of the holiday season is fast approaching!  Not too long after my craft day with Katie I went to visit my mom and sister. I brought along my bag of fall tricks and soon had each of them working diligently on making fabric pumpkins.

In case you missed the tutorial last year you can revisit and have fun making your own pumpkins.

Seasons come, and seasons go. Sometimes I wish my life were as simple as my sweet Pixxie's. She eats, she sleeps, she does dishes! (well, if you consider licking the plate 'doing dishes'), she chases squirrels, she poses with quilts - still my Professional Quilt Model, how be it, with age she seems to be caught on camera sleeping with my old quilts instead of the "ta da" poses with new quilts. And she loves. Unconditionally. This pup loves me. She's always eager to greet me when I come home, she's sad when I leave. She cuddles up to me when I need a hug...this is one season I hope never changes.

That said, there have been some significant changes in the past 24 hours....a new season in not only my life but the lives of our entire family....

Tuesday morning was bitter sweet as Eric and Katie closed the door (literately on the U-haul) to their lives here in the Houston/Galveston area to begin a great adventure in the Dallas area. 303 miles seems so far, and yet that's where God has called them.

A new season - for them as well as the extended family they leave behind. The cycle of seasons continue. You raise your children to be independent and to love God...and they do just that, move off to serve Him.

If they obey and serve Him, 
they shall spend their days in prosperity, 
and their years in pleasures. 
Job 36:11 

Seasons come, seasons go. Dishes pile up. Sometimes there's been a celebration, sometimes just a simple meal. Reminders that we should never take a single day for granted. He's placed us here, today, to love, be loved, and to do His will. This is the day the Lord has made! We will rejoice and be glad it in!


Anonymous said...

stumbled on your blog and your words are wonderfully written about the dishes and seems to be in such a big rush and hurry - such a great reminder that when there are dishes there is food and continuation of life for which we all need to be more grateful...I will pass your blog on to others here since it was so inspiring to me!!

I have a large family gathering today and will share with the daughters your thoughts about this subject..thanks for your words - it made a big difference in my day today! Mary in Austin

Joyree said...

Great post! Thanks for reminding us to stop and smell the roses.
Hugs Joy