Monday, June 22, 2015

To blog or not to blog - that is the question

6/22/15. It's been a long long time since I've blogged. In the busyness of trying to juggle too many things blog time was severed. A good or bad thing I know not. Instead of justifying or regretting the lack of this form of communication or trying to "catch up" I think the real issue is whether to take up the task again. Or not.

I have to ask myself the why or why not, the what or the what not, the how and when and most important the who cares factor must be considered.

Why would I blog again? It's time consuming to write, edit, polish thoughts not to mention pictures. What would be the purpose? What would I write about? Quilting? adventure? or lack of? How and when would I find the time and seriously "who cares!?!??"

Bottom line. I write for me. Pure and selfish. I write because there are so many words in me that need to be said, and perhaps because at times there is no one to listen but pen and ink - or keyboard and screen. An audience is actually a side benefit. The words just need to flow. The danger comes in seeking an audience and their approval   If I blog again it must truly be for self expression and I must continually remind myself does it matter "who cares?!"

If it's my self expression and someone else finds it entertaining or can " relate" then there's another side benefit too - but not the goal.

It's like making a quilt. Generally I don't have a purpose in mind other than expressing creativity or needing a challenge of working through a pattern - sometimes designing my own -or perhaps just the comfort of feeling the fabric and listening to the sound of the machine. Therapy. Joy. Passion. A sense of accomplishment. Not approval seeking or self promoting.

Perhaps blogging again will offer me another sense of accomplishment - journaling thoughts, documenting & chronicling my journey - providing a place for my words to rest  - read or unread -  
Therapy. Joy. Passion. Regardless of who  cares.

It's worth considering.

By the way - here's something worth sharing! My precious pup is still my professional quilt model! Life is good


fancystitching said...

Hello, quilting friend Karen! I just popped in on my blog today for the first time in MONTHS, and there you were, expressing the same thoughts I am having! My big news is that I am now a licensed minister, and the blog was put to the side while I studied and prepared for testing. Now I am unsure about it... ministry doors are opening, and once again, I have come to realize that although I dearly LOVE writing, my priorities have to focus other directions. And FB is just so much easier to deal with than creating a beautiful blog post! Hugs to you, and hope you enjoy your summer by the sea... love that area! Kathy E.

Karen E. Overton said...

Howdy stranger! So glad you reached out - and wow, you're in the ministry now! Perhaps in time as things settle God will use your writing talents to continue to blog, who knows! Just keep moving forward walking in His will. Hugs to you too my quilting friend