Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Quilts

Even though I've taken time out for a Christmas Open House, tool shopping, and a church pot-luck on Sunday that I haven't even told you about yet - I really have been busy with Christmas customer quilts too! Not all of them have been "Christmas" quilts -- but wanted to share these recent ones to sorta put you in the holiday mode!

I really enjoyed working on the broken star log cabin quilt, it was done with a simple panto and the customer was pleased when she came to pick it up. I know someone will enjoy snuggling under it this holiday season! You have to look close, but do you see my professional quilt model amongt the batting at the bottom (grin)?

I was able to sneak in a quilt of my own this past week as I quilted two student/customer quilts the same time as mine. You may remember these from earlier posts - they are a Square in a Square pattern called Exploding Star or Christmas Star in the book Advancing On II.

I wasn't sure if all three of them would fit on the frame, it was a tight squeeze, even with wide backing, but ta-da!

This one was my class sample. The quilting doesn't show up much due to the rich colors in the fabric, but when the light hits it just right you can see the texture. Even though it's quilted, it probably won't get hung this Christmas -- needs binding and a hanging sleeve and that's just not on my agenda or to do list for this season (sigh).

This one is Peggy's. She pieced the center in our SnS class and then went home to add the borders and the snowman in the center. I really like the way it looks and you can see from the close up that her choice of a lighter background fabric allowed the quilting to show up more than mine. Good job Peggy! She said she was gifting this to a friend for Christmas, I hope she likes it!

This next one is Cheryl's. She too was in the SnS class and pieced the center in class and went home to add the borders. Her green fabric has a little gold in it and it worked well with the gold thread - somehow it reflects and sparkles. She too chose a lighter background fabric that allowed the quilting to show better. Hum...seems I have something to learn from my students!

I played around with some different feathers on this one. Even though the quilts are all the same pattern I couldn't quilt them alike (sigh and grin)

I hope the girls are pleased. They took me longer than anticipated and now I'm a little behind...such is life. Need to get off the computer and go load another customer quilt that has been promised for Christmas...

In the meantime, I hope these Christmas beauties have inspired you to take time sometime this next year and make a Christmas quilt for yourself and your family. Certainly brightens up the room and adds joy to the season if ya' ask me!

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Geta Grama said...

Oh ! I like the way the 3 quilts look under your machine ! What a clever way to save time !