Saturday, December 20, 2008

We Work Hard and We Play Hard

After a week of working hard we decided to take the afternoon off and swing by San Antonio on our way back to Houston after an A-1 set up.

Naturally we had to share the Alamo with Jamie and I wasn't shy about asking someone to take our photo to 'document' our adventure.

We were worried that the weather would be bad - it's suppose to drop tonight and tomorrow, but we have had muggy 70's the past two days -- which is much better than the snows up north where Jamie calls home.

We arrived in San Antonio late afternoon but were in time to take a quick run through the historic Alamo to take a few photos that proved we were there. I was eager to get to the River Walk so we didn't linger to read all the interesting stories around the landmark - plan on coming back again sometime and really taking our time to absorb the reality of this part of our Texas History. Makes me want to watch The Alamo (the movie) again. Perhaps we'll rent it over the holidays.

If I were an art quilter I think this would make a beautiful project.

As I mentioned, I really wanted to spend some time on the River Walk, even though we've been here before I had heard it was beautiful this time of year. I wasn't disappointed.

We decided to take the river taxi to get the most out of our visit - and had such a wonderful narrator who shared with us the interesting tid-bits about San Antonio.

We were most fortunate to not have a long wait for the boat, it was pre-dusk and we figured most folks would want to wait until the lights in the trees were lit. We got the best of both worlds - light enough to be able to savor the highlights of the area, and the coming of evening which brought the beauty of the lights. I only wish my photos were true to color, but the memories are etched in my brain (smile). By the way, once we got off the boat we noticed just how long the line was -- my tired feet were glad we weren't the ones waiting!

Riding the River Taxi also gave us a synopis of what eating establishment choices were on the river -- oh there were sooooo many to choose from and oh were there a lot of people!

We were fortunate to find a steak house with no waiting! And even had a table with a view, not to mention a great dinner! Again, as we left we observed an extremely long line. I counted my blessings that we seemed to be at the right place at the right time!

It's been a busy week, I'm past tired, but very very thankful to have made some new quilting friends during our travels and to have shared this week with two great fellows. If we don't sleep in too long we might make it home around lunch time -- I'm eager to see Pixxie!

There are a few funny stories to share, but I think I'll wait until my brain is more functional to be able to share them to their fullest potential.

this Texas gal is calling it a night - more later!


Kathy said...

I haven't been to San Antonio in a while. Those pictures make me want to jump in the car and run down there! Looks like ya'll had a great time.

Merry Christmas!

Ginny said...

I have fond memories of my trip to both the Alamo and time spent on the River Walk. Thank you for taking me back, and for the lovely pictures. Have a wonderful Christmas.