Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm not really a Stash Buster

If I were, I'd have to report in the 80 yards I brought home from Dallas. But since I'm not I can feel guilt free for my shopping spree (grin).

Seriously. I am a stash buster in theory. Last year I came up with this little formula for purchasing new fabric...only backings, borders or backgrounds were approved purchases as I have been working through my stash and UFO's. Well, I added another "B" -- bolts! But they are backgrounds, borders and backings!! I promise!

I'd discovered a hole in my fabric -- that of not having backgrounds that would work with my brightly colored stash of fat quarters and other various yardage. So I just had to go shopping! If you are a fellow quilter you can certainly understand ...

Can't you just imagine a new quilt with that fabulous green as a background? Or better yet, third from the top, that magenta that is just calling out to be introduced to some of my wild prints. Of course I had to add some purples (#'s 5 and 6 in the stack) and since I'm always saying my stash doesn't include lights I was thrilled to find the white background with purple sprays on it, sorta a tone on tone with purple on white. Yummy!

Now if I can just find room for them in the studio (grin) better yet, if I can just find time to piece! It may be awhile, with almost a week off from quilting I've got to get busy and catch up! Ah, but the day will come and I'll be really really glad I'm not really a stash buster. Maybe that should be the name of a new nail polish -- instead of the one I'm wearing "I'm not really a waitress" -- hum...wonder if it could change colors sorta like the mood rings of old....anyone know the number to the patent office (grin).



Carol said...

80 yards! I'm salivating with envy. You are weakening my resolve to scale back on fabric purchases until I finish at least.... 1? ... project.

Betty said...

OK Karen, Did you go to Moda or P& B --- or BOTH! What a hoot! I've been in Houston for 5 years now, and have yet to make it to the Dallas show. We were on a quilters retreat so didn't get to go this year.

Karen E. Overton said...

Yes Betty, I went to P&B -- didn't make it to Moda, but then again, that wasn't in the budget LOL

Tell your retreat committee to check the calendar in advance and NOT book during the Dallas Show -- it's really worth the drive. Fabulous show - really top notch quilts and of course the vendor mall was the greatest!