Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh the places you'll go and the people you'll meet

Ever wonder what it looks like from the other side of "the line"?? Here's the starting gates for the Dallas Quilt Celebration just a few moments after the doors were opened for another wonderful day.

Yep, we'd stand in line in the cold for a quilt show!
Fortunately the rain has stopped! Still, a great day to be a quilter!!

Wow and was it ever a busy wonderful wild day!
Thanks to all the fabulous folks who came by the A-1 booth today to test drive the smoothest quilting machine...I'm meeting folks from all over the great state of Texas (yep, it's big and we're proud) as well as a lovely lady from my old stopping grounds in Tennessee -- she's ready for an A-1 and will be in touch with our dealer from that area.

It's been my pleasure to meet some of my internet friends whom I only know by name -- I regret that I've neglected to take photos..but did remember to take this LA list friend Suzie -- she and her handsome hubby came by for a delightful visit. I commented to him that I really liked the 'statement' he was wearing on his shirt -- "Faith". Yep, sometimes we share more in common that our passion for quilting and I love that!

I did take a few more photos today that I'd love to share as they were soooo cute -- photos of our future quilters! Several children were in attendance today with their moms and grandmoms and of course they wanted to play on the machines too. I did ask permission before I took the photos and told the parents if they emailed me I'd send them the digital forms... but I didn't ask if I could post them. Regretfully we live in a sometimes dark and dangerous world and I wouldn't want to do anything that could be potentially harmful to one of these precious I'll share a different photo -- one of their signatures! Kids are so fascinated about writing their names on a quilt! Just wished I could have cut it out and gave it to them...

It really was difficult to pull away from the booth day, even for a short lunch break (thank you once again to our show committee in charge of feeding the vendors)...I found myself gobbling my food as if I hadn't eaten in a week and wanting to rush back to the booth to see what I was missing. In my scurrying back I happened to notice this...

my reminder to slow down and take time to enjoy the journey!

Quilt Rambler signing off, I'm all talked out (grin)


Carol said...

Thanks for the postings. It really helps alleviate my disappointment at not being able to attend.

Karen E. Overton said...

My goal has been to share my fun! I wish I could share all the beautiful quilts too. There are so many shows and so little time -- makes it fun to view a small taste from the comfort of our homes doesn't it? Thanks for sharing in my joy. ko