Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Approaching Storm

It's 7 AM, the local news is blaring in the background as report after report is coming in concerning the storm. Sometimes too much information can be a burden.

There's a live reporter just 5 miles north of me, so that's interesting to see what's going on since I can't look outside my windows . Currently the rain is just starting, light winds.

According to the news, the eye of the storm has turned east, so Galveston Island is not expecting the direct hit they were yesterday. This is good news as I'm about 25 miles inland from the island. Hopefully the wind and rain won't be as severe as they first predicted.

Reports say we will have a full day of rain and wind. I'm hoping we continue to have power, at least long enough for me to finish up some chores. Last thing I did last night was to transfer my computer files to an external hard drive, "just in case". I've got the iPod all charged up too! Full of my praise and worship music as well as a few sermon podcasts from my pastor.

As a testimony to God's grace, I slept soundly last night. Now my real challenge it to keep my focus on Him and not on the storm. For He is my Rock, my Salvation, my Deliver, my Shelter, my Strong Tower, an ever present help in trouble. He is my God and my King. In whom (or what) shall I be afraid!

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