Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking time to organize the stash

If you've been following these Kronicles of karen, you'll remember my 'space bag' attempt to waterproof my customer quilts and stash in preparation for a hurricane - and the praise that we were spared - well, those bags sat in my studio for well over two weeks before I could even attempt to unpack them...I had several customer quilts that had to be taken care of first...and I knew that it would be a chore to put up all the goodies in these bags!

My solution was to order more Fabric Organizers and take a day off to get my stash in order. I can tell you it was soooo worth the effort! Not only is my fabric nice and neat in the wire Closet Maid drawer system I have under both my ironing station and my cutting stations, (see my studio webshot album for more details) but I now have visions of future quilts dancing around my busy brain.

I'll share with you later the logic behind my organization and the plans that I have, but right now I need to get ready for my guild day -- I'm sooo fortunate to have several area quilt guilds to attend. Today it's Mainland Morning, in Texas City and tonight it's Island Quilters in Galveston.

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