Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Dangling Carrot

Due to the storm prep this past week I lost some quilting time, which translates to "no day off" today, Sunday, which I normally take off to do some personal quilting after worship. Instead, I have a quilt that needs binding on one side and a small quilt that has to be done before midnight since both of these are promised on Monday....

In an effort to make myself work I created a dangling carrot.

When preparing for Edouard by placing customer quilts as well as my personal quilt related items in waterproof bags I uncovered a treasure. Lots of treasures actually. Honestly, it's all I can do to keep from wanting to go play in my fabric stash! Somewhere along the journey of quilting I started cutting my leftovers into 2.5 inch strips (this was before Jelly Rolls for the record). AND! Somewhere along the way I make 40 some odd 4 patch squares from these strips.

Hence my discovery! Hence my distraction!

As a newly certified Square in a Square instructor I am seeing my fabric stash in a whole new way! Why not take those 4 patches and turn them into a SnS project? Perhaps 40 would be enough for a lap quilt...I certainly don't want to make hundreds of 4" four patches and I really don't need another wall hanging...

So, Option 5, "anything in the middle" met my needs of growing my little four patches, but why stop there? I really wanted an Option 2, "go around two times or more" so the square would grow..

I took an hour off for myself and made a few of these blocks. My dangling carrot! Now I'll head back to work and try to be diligent and focus so I can get off early and come play with my dangling carrot. I'm dreaming of a star setting, also done with the Square in a Square techniques.. maybe in the next few Sundays I'll have something to report!

Wonder if anyone out there has a little bit of fabric with carrots on it so I can legally name my treasure "A Dangling Carrot"??? That would top things off rather nicely don't ya'think?


Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

I have some yellow fabric with small bunches of carrots and some other vegetables. How much would you like?

Karen E. Overton said...

Thanks Jeanne for sending me the carrot fabric! I think I'll request other 5" squares and add these gifted carrots to my setting solution. Stay tuned for the outcome!!