Friday, April 10, 2009

Just call me a Bag Lady

My mother has a thing for shoes. I guess you could say I have a thing for bags. It's been awhile (a day or two) since I've made a new bag -- 'least wise one for me (grin). And yes, it's big enough to smuggle Pixxie -- but she reminds me that she's not that kind of dog!

Taking the photo at night must be why you can't see that this is actually a deep purple. It's really pretty fabric, Sweetbriar by Pat Sloan for P&B, something I picked up in Dallas earlier this year. Inside is a nice green with purple stripe, a part of the same collection. By having a lighter fabric inside I think it will be easier to see the contents. At least that's my theory. I thought it would make the perfect tote for the beach or a day of shopping or both! Love shopping along the beach front at all the little tourist trap places. I like little stuff, nothing fancy, just always on the lookout for something unique and memorable...

In fact, the pattern is called The Shopper by Indygo Junction (IJ830) I saw it in a catalog and then asked my local quilt shop to order it for me. I try to purchase locally when I can -- if I did all my ordering over the internet then my local shops would have to close their doors and then where would I go for group therapy or a little fabric fix (I'm known to usually walk out with a fat quarter or two). She was more than happy to order it for me and ordered a few more to carry in the shop -- hum, I may have started a new trend here locally who knows!

Anyway, it worked up pretty quick, lined and everything. 26" x 16" x 7" I think if I make it again I will put interior pockets and maybe a closure on it too...but the plans for now will include placing little zippered bags inside to keep my necessary items organized and utilizing the rest of the space for that beach towel or whatnots I find along the way.

My son said it went with my hair. I didn't know how to take that ..... I think he liked it, never can tell with this younger generation! Anyway, it was a nice afternoon project and I'm eager to use it soon.

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Cheryl Pinkman said...

Love the bag. I work for Indygo Junction and we love to see posts on our patterns. Keep up the good work! We have lots of new patterns coming out in early June. Several new purses/totes you might like. Thanks again, Cheryl