Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I love what I do!

I received the following email this evening:

Karen, my daughter, Aileen who lives in Mexico but presently resides in Paris, France where her husband of 8 months works sent me a website to open. Imagine my surprise when I was viewing the first quilt I ever pieced and you quilted for me. That quilt now resides in Tepoztlan, Mexico where Aileen has a home in the mountains of Mexico and where she and her husband, Jay, are when he is not busy working for the European Lung Foundation in Paris.
Everyone who has ever seen the quilt has had nothing but praise for my first attempt at piecing and your wonderful quilting work.
Thank you for giving me such a pleasant surprise when I opened the website she sent me. It had been listed under home and garden websites, and I don't know exactly how she came across it.
Barbara P.

To which I replied

I'm guessing that the photo was in my webshots albums? ? if so it's under the 2007 Fall quilts.... if this isn't the website she sent you to I'd be curious to know where it was! I truly appreciate all my customers allowing me to post photos of their beautiful creations -- it's my online show and tell and my portfolio. How wonderful to know that this quilt is getting world wide attention but more importantly that it's being loved by your daughter as intended.
Karen O

Her quilt is called Butterfly Stars and is in the middle of the album.

Something about this simple exchange has made me stop and reflect on how little I'm aware of the impact that people make in our lives and how interconnected we all are. Someone I don't know received a quilt that I assisted in the completion of and that quilt resides in a foreign country of which a photo has the potential of being seen around the world. Mind boggling.

Makes me wonder if I'm mindful of the little things I do each day when I come in contact with someone -- are my words, actions, or deeds a blessing or a curse? Do I reflect the love that has been shown me through my Lord and Savior -- is His light shining in me or am I in an attitude of sin and ungratefulness and tarnishing the name of Christ by my actions, words or deeds? How many people crossed my path today? Some in person, like the beautiful young lady that served me my Smootie King frozen drink (for dinner tonight) or the lady coming out of the grocery store parking lot who I let ease into traffic in front of me -- some I might not have even noticed but subconsciously offered a smile in passing. Or what about the folks I'll never meet, those that see me in public or read things I've written...did my actions or words bless or curse? Sad to say, sometimes both. Oh that I might strive to always speak blessings and take time to offer a kind word or a helpful hand.

We pass through this journey of life so quickly... a grim reminder as I've learned of at least three lives passing to the other side just in the past 48 hours...some I didn't know, but knew those who did, one I did know and have reflected with others as they spoke of their last conversations with this precious one days before their journey on this earth ended and their journey into eternity began. Again, makes me wonder....oh how I want to be an encourager, a light that reflects the Son, offering contagious joy and the promise of life eternal spent with Jesus if you but know Him. Actions speak louder than words. Human frailty causes me to fail, but my hope is that I reflect more on sharing joy and being joyful in whatever task comes my way. Right now I'm blessed to be a quilter (and a wife and mother too of course, it's equally important to be an example to your family as well as to the world).

Ah...but as a quilter I do love what I do! And appreciate the customers who entrust their precious quilt tops to my care. The joy is knowing that even years later they are enjoying a quilt that I assisted in and somehow a little part of me is shared and goes on and on and on -- even anonymously. Joy is a choice and joy is contagious. And, I think joy can be seen in quilts, don't you?

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fancystitching said...

Wonderful post today, Karen. Thanks for reminding us to be careful with our words and quick with a smile.