Monday, April 20, 2009

Still MIA

I know I should have loaded a customer quilt on the frame today -- but the need to get things back in order called louder! Spent the morning doing laundry from our trip and decided while I was at it that my closet needed to be rearranged -- switching out the fall/winter clothes for the spring/summer clothes (which in our area just means long sleeves switched out for short sleeves or sleeveless!) -- fact is, they are all in the same closet, just on a top rack or a bottom rack in my accordion door closet (grin) but I like the current ones on top....while I was at it, I discarded a few items that no longer fit or are no longer in style...we make regular trips to a local thrift shop and rejoice each time we go in to see that our previously donated items are no longer there...makes me feel like I am contributing to my person's discards are another person's prized purchases!

The closet completed I decided that the rest of the bedroom needed some attention. Seems like it's been ages since I deep cleaned. Evidence -- a felt pad of Pixxie dust under the bed, behind the nightstands, in the corners behind the dresser. UGH! How can one small dog produce so much hair. I swear, she outa' be naked by now! SIGH.

So I deep cleaned, including going through books and magazines that have been crammed into the shelf below my nightstand as well as enlisting dear hubby's help in moving the furniture and taking the mattress and box springs off the frame so we could do a deep cleaning under the bed. Yep, you guessed it -- one of Pixxie's sleeping areas. Her quilt is in the dryer right now after having been washed to remove all the Pixxie dust. She is privileged to sleep on one of my very first quilts -- ya'know I love my pup!

So tomorrow perhaps my longarm won't continue to think that I'm MIA or AWOL and maybe I can catch up on some of my blog the meantime, our bedroom looks so fresh and clean. The reward will be a good night's sleep!

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Anne-Lise said...

Hi! Amazing how much hair dogs can lose, isn't it. I enjoy reading your blog. Come and visit mine one day.Have a nice day!