Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the local news

San Leon, where I attended church this morning, was in the news this here to see the video coverage of the story "Volunteers help clean debris left behind in San Leon."

There are also a lot of videos and photos on the Houston Chronicle website. There is a video about Seabrook which is just north of San Leon about 15 miles (Harris County). Also a video about Bolivar Peninsula which is east of Galveston - only one home left standing on the gulf side of Gilchrist. Truly something out of a horror movie.

This storm was wide spread. I have to confess with us only having internet and TV for a week now due to outage in our area that I had no idea the true extent of other areas ravished by Ike. Places further up the coast like Winnie, Beaumont, Port Arthur. I've been in my own little narrow world of Galveston County. In reviewing these websites' photos and videos I'm learning, among other things, of huge cattle drives in an effort to move cattle inland where the grass isn't damaged by salt water making it unless for grazing. Wow, another industry effected by Ike.

This area is heavily populated, I'd dare say making Hurricane Ike one of the largest damage causing storms-I don't know for sure, I'm still doing my research. I did find that I was in error concerning the 1900 Storm Memorial on the seawall - I found this photo, taken after the storm by Steve Campbell of the Houston Chronicle, which clearly shows the memorial still standing. So I needed to clear that up from my previous post.

All in all, it's still more than I can wrap my brain around. I can't begin to understand how this effects our community, our state, our nation - for indeed it does effect all of us through our economy. All I can know for sure is that God is still on His throne, He's still in control, and He still is calling people to repent and give it all to Him. Dreams may shatter, possessions may crumble, economies may fail, but a relationship with Jesus will never disappoint. This should be the top news every day! Today is the day of Salvation!

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