Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick Question - At What Booth Will You Find the Most Longarm Quilters?

If you are at the Houston International Quilt Market then the answer would have to be Superior Threads! That's where I ran into Debbie, Julie, Cindy and Rosann.

The vendor mall opened today. I'm not sure how many vendors are here this week - but there are rows numbering from 100 to 2300 and I only made it to 1100 isle today -- will go back on Monday and check out the booths I missed and probably go back through the first isles to make sure I didn't miss anything the first go around.

I wish everyone could come to this, it's so much fun to walk through the booths and see the new patterns, new notions, new fabric lines. I meant to take more photos today but I was enjoying myself so much that I forgot (sigh). Here's a look at Jacqueline de Jonge's booth Be Colourful -- that's her brother Harm in the lower photo. They traveled all the way from the Netherlands to be at Market. He was kind enough to allow me to photo their booth and was a bit shy when I asked to include him. I truly enjoyed Jacqueline's trunk show earier this week in Galveston, such beautiful quilts by an equally beautiful lady, both inwardly and out. She has already had a busy week with teaching workshops for Quilts By the Bay in Galveston, this week is market and next week she'll be in the QBTB booth at festival. Guess if you travel all the way from the Netherlands you have to make the trip worthwhile (smile) I hope they have enjoyed their visit.

I don't think I can even begin to describe the fabulous booths and displays -- hopefully I'll have more photos when I go back on Monday. Today my shopping included Superior Threads and Choice Fabrics as well as a few new patterns that I hope will be future quilts and perhaps future classes. I spent a lot of time at the A-1 Booth visiting with Jamie Wallen, Renae Haddadin, Gerald the Texas Dealer (Sandy, his wife, was out shopping and I missed seeing her today), and Stewart Plank owner. It's like a family reunion for me cuz I dearly love these folks! A-1 is a good family to belong to! Hands down, Stewart has built the best longarm on the market. Couldn't ask for better folks to be associated with. Renae was working on a project in the booth -- she has a quilt in the quilt show next week -- can't wait to see it, I'm sure there will be a ribbon on it! She's so amazing.

All too soon the day was over. I didn't get there as early as I had hoped (sigh) but I knew there would be another day. I won't be going on Sunday but plan on being there when the doors open on Monday, the final day of Market and the first day of classes at Festival.

I have to admit, that it's been a wonderful Ike-stress-release for me. I am not pressured to be anywhere at a certain time, I can meander down the isles and take in all the sights at my own pace. When I run into one of my friends I have time to visit -- for us locals it's been our time to share our Ike stories -- you have to remember how large of an area that this storm encompassed -- many of the longarmers in our Bayshore Longarm Guild live miles apart and this was the first "reunion" since Ike, which effected us all in one way or another.

Speaking of Ike, I received another box of Quilts of Hope. Perhaps tomorrow I will be able to pull them out to photo and add them to webshots. Thank you Annis from Arlington TX -- one of my Square in a Square buddies. Can't wait to show off your beautiful quilts -- more importantly can't wait to find them a new home with someone who needs the love you stitched in your quilts!!

Yes, it's been a good weekend. I've needed the eye candy, the inspiration -- can't wait to pull out my new tools, patterns, and fabrics and BE CREATIVE!! Sew much fabric, sew little time (grin)

Time to unpack the shopping bags and find places for new purchases in the studio and time to put up my feet and recoup so I'll be ready to go again!!

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Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Glad you are having fun at Market. Love the quilts in the Be Colourful booth!