Friday, October 3, 2008

Move over Beverly Hills - Pixxie has her own bling

She's a little more "mature" than Chloe (the Chihuahua in Beverly Hills Chihuahua) but every bit as beautiful in her own bling. Not only that, Pixxie's just plain lovable! After taking my husband out to the movies to celebrate his birthday I couldn't wait to get home and love on my own pup!!

Thumbs up on this new Disney movie - it will make you laugh and even shed a tear or two. It was a fabulous escape from reality this afternoon - nothing could be better than imaging you could play with all the lovable pooches on the movie! It's amazing that Chihuahuas come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors - sorta like us I guess, many shapes, sizes and nationalities! This is wonderful movie that I hope you will take time to enjoy - and when you do, think of Pixxie - her eyes are a little darker and her nose isn't as pink but she's ever bit as cute - but not as spoiled (grin). Wish you could see her in person, she just twists and turns in glee when we come in the door after even a brief absence. She's quite the beggar for treats, and as you know, she loves to pose for the camera. What you can't see, unless you see her in person, is the cute way her tail curves and strums her back side when she wags - I don't know how she keeps from tickling herself. This is one cute pup that loves people, loves attention, and I'm blessed to say, loves me. Eat your heart out Beverly Hills - in the gulf coast of Texas Pixxie is Queen (smile).


Susan Loftin said...

Pixxie sure looks cute in her bling! Susan

Muddling Through said...

My Bruno is nothing delicate at all, but I love him dearly. He's my protector! But Pixxie sure is glamorous!