Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quilts of Hope - Blankets of Love

I mentioned a call to action earlier this week in my three week reflection ramble on Sunday - perhaps you missed it since the post was rather lengthy, it’s near the bottom. It's important so worth repeating.

Those of you that are fellow quilters who read this blog and have quilting friends in local churches, guilds, online lists listen up (smile). Here's a call to action, a challenge, an opportunity.

There is a need for quilts of hope and blankets of love to be distributed to those displaced and hurting due to Hurricane Ike. You've seen the photos on TV, the links on the internet. It's real folks. And it's wide spread.

I live in Galveston County, (go to google maps and type in Galveston county to see a clearer view of this area) which of course includes the hard hit area of Galveston and Bolivar Peninsula, but also mainland communities such as Tiki Island, Bayou Vista, LaMarque, Texas City, Hitchcock, Santa Fe, Dickinson, Bacliff and San Leon. Many of our coastal communities have families who no longer have an inhabitable homes - who has “lost everything”…

For example, San Leon is an unincorporated community of 5,000. As you can see on the map, the community is surrounded by the bay - this area is called Eagle's Point and historically has been a fishing community. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, in San Leon do not have homes. And this is just one area. As the weathermen said “Ike is the size of Texas” and it took a big bite.

There are two quilt guilds in Galveston County, Mainland Morning in Texas City and Island Quilters in Galveston. Many many of these quilters who typically make charity quilts have lost their sewing machines, fabrics, and other important necessities in their lives. One of our county’s quilt stores remains temporarily closed due to the clean up from Ike’s damages. So its up to you in other areas to step up and send charity quilts that we are unable to make ourselves.

Quilters unite! Your love is needed on the Texas Gulf Coast. Quilts are needed to offer hope to these local residents. Children need cuddle blankets, adults need bedding. Quilts of all shapes and sizes are needed. I shared with a friend at church Sunday my hopes of receiving quilts to distribute – here’s a portion of his email…

I have a somewhat selfish request. If you get any quilts, 2 of the people that work for me have lost pretty much everything due to the storm and we haven't really been able to do anything for them.. your quilts might be our best way to say we are with you... they are both adults - no kids... I hope you are flooded with quilts soon... praying with and for you and the quilts..thanks M.B

Already there’s been a call to arms, please visit Ginny’s Quilts for her inspiration on making donation quilts as well as a reference to quick rag quilt patterns. Thank you to Ginny and her daughter Torrie who are leading by example.

Send links to these posts to all your quilting buddies – spread the word. Become a local drop off point and then contact me (karen@quiltsnkaboodle.com) for the shipping address, my Quilts 'N Kaboodle studio will be a collection point for quilted donations, then with God’s help and guidance, these offering will be given to agencies already set up in the area to distribute. I’ll do my best to photo document and keep you posted via this blog and or my website.

Thank you in advance.May God truly bless your efforts.

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