Monday, October 13, 2008

Quilting Friendships Have No Boundaries - Here's to TWO Mother Daughter teams that I'm honored to call my friends

Ginny & Torrie (Washington), Patricia and Sarah (Texas) - this is for you girlfriends!!!

It's lunch time on a very moody Monday. I'm honestly having difficulty staying focus on the tasks at hand - a beautiful custom quilt that needs to be finished by Wednesday's deadline...I've taken a lot of "breaks" today, including meeting with a new customer, handling personal storm related "crises" and escaping to the computer during my lunch break.

I decided to catch up on my blog reading and was moved to tears when I read Ginny's blog and how she and Torrie would soon be mailing 20 quilts for me to distribute in Galveston. Then I read the newest post with the link to Torrie on the local news -- this amazing young woman (influenced by a wonderful mom) spent her summer making blankets of love to be donated to children in her area. She was interview on television to share her story and receive the honor and attention she is due. What moved me to tears was in addition to this community accomplishment she was able to share on her interview of the quilts she and Ginny are making and sending to Ike survivors!!! Ladies, you can't know how this made me feel today....and how your gifts are going to bring hope and joy to those who receive them.

As Torrie shared with the newscaster, it's been a month since our storm but there is still a huge need. Please click here to see the video of Torrie's interview. Truly an amazing young lady who is blessed with an equally amazing mom. Ladies, I'm so blessed to "know" you through our love of quilting and the gift of gab (blogging!) Thank you for the encouragement you have given me on this moody Monday.

Another email broke my heart from my favorite quilt shop...I'm sharing it in it's entirety as I try to cut and paste through my tears. Seems that's all I can do today, wipe away tears.

Hello to all of our cherished quilting friends!!!!

We know all of you have been wondering what's going on with Quilts by the Bay

since the hurricane and we thank each of you so very much for all of your patience in waiting to hear from us.

Galveston was truly hit hard by hurricane Ike and weeks after the storm, we were all finally allowed to return.

There are so many sad faces now as the majority of the residents here have suffered great losses.

Quilts by the Bay was flooded along with most of the residents' homes and businesses .

We are having to move out of our location because the shopping center will not be rebuilt.

Right now, there is really no place in which to relocate in Galveston.

As we work really hard to save what we can, we are putting it all

into storage and we're constantly searching for answers to all of the tough decisions we have to make.

After International Quilt Festival, we'll search our hearts and try to find which pathway to begin for the next part of our lives.

Dear friends, please know that through all of this, God has held us tightly in His hands.

We praised Him through the storm and we definitely praise Him still.

We know that He is still in control and we love and trust Him so much!!!

Because of Him, we have comfort and a great deal of hope for the future.

You will never know how much all of your emails of encouragement and all of your love and prayers have touched our hearts.

We love each and every one of you so much!!!!

From the very bottoms of our hearts!!! Thank you!!!!


Patricia and Sarah

Quilts By the Bay

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