Thursday, September 18, 2008

Photos uploaded

I am on a borrowed computer and thankful to have internet access, however limited. I am uploading my photos to webshots as I upload here - its taking time so if the album doesn't appear to be updated check back in a little while. There are many many photos of the aftermath of this storm. It's too lenghthy of a process to add them to the blog and for that I appologize as that's the beauty of a blog, being able to illustrate the narriation. I'm sure I'll be forgiven for this oversite (smile). It is my goal the next time I update to share some fun quilting stories as this was designed to be that sort of site...but reality hit by the name of Ike and this blog took a turn in an unwelcomed direction. Thank you to those who have remained faithful readers. Thank you also for your prayers during this time. They have been more than welcomed and I'm here to testify, they are being answered. Don't slack up on us, we need a lot of prayer down here, and for weeks possibly months to come.  karen O

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