Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain Rain GO AWAY!

It's not great news. Overnight thunderstorms from our cool front have caused wide spread flooding in Houston, and the rain is moving south to the already saturated coast and bay area.

My brother-in-law, who so graceously is housing us, is high level management with Comcast - our cable, internet, and digital phone provider. He has been on constant conference calls for the past several days. This morning he was to meet his team at work but could not get out of the subdivision due to street flooding. The neighborhood in which they live has a retainer lake (I have photos of all this but no way to upload). On Friday we took multiple "walks" along the sidewalk on the lake. It was really nice to help relieve stress and to exercise Pixxie before the rain...well, the sidewalks were covered due to Ike and this morning due to the cold front rain it has risen even more. The drainage is doing what it's suppose to be doing, and that is to overflow to the streets and then to the bayou thus preventing the homes from taking on water. The negative is you can't get out of the neighborhood.

We are among 10% of the power grid that has power. Truly blessed. It went off again for a few hours yesterday, about dinner time, and we thought "it was fun while it lasted!" We were thankful to have power during the heat of the day (AC) and to be able to get the visuals the TV news offered, as well as my major thanks of conecting to the internet (smile). We were pleased when it came back on after dinner - this morning it felt good to take advantage of a hot shower and the use of a hair dryer!

The rains are just now hitting the area of our home - reports haven't come in yet as to any further rising water. My husband is concerned about the report that we had "a few shingles blown off" - we suspect that with this rain we will get some water damage. My only regret, if I can play the 'if only' pity party briefly, my thoughts are I wish I'd thought to throw a tarp over the longarm.

We are disappointed that we are unable to travel home this morning. Have no idea if things will change enough this afternoon to allow our 75 mile journey south.

As I mention, my brother-in-law is with my interent service provider and during his calls yesterday to the various hubs the Kemah office reported that between there and Galveston the poles and cables were down and many of them washed out to the ocean...Kemah is 5 miles north of if we do go home this rambler will be silent for a while.

Again, we praise God for our safety.

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Connie Jurgs said...

Hi Karen and family,
THANK YOU for keeping us informed of your situation. We are having lots of rain, since yesterday our rain gauge shows 6.2 inches of rain and still raining and predicted to rain thru the day and night. Sure glad the sump pump in the basement is doing it's job. Many of the the areas are so familar to us because of the 4.5 years we lived in Dickinson, Texas while DH Ron was attending Texas A&M in Galveston and I work for for Furrow Building Materials on Nasa Road 1. Our friend Sid lives on Bayshore Drive in Kemah, I hope when he gets to return home he won't have much damage, the back of his home faces Galveston Bay and he is in the Huntsville area waiting to return home to Kemah. We had the repair work done on our garage Friday from the lightening strike back in July of the cement foundation blow-out. Still waiting for the repairs to be done on the garage and house, but all these repairs are something that can be waited on, the hole in the garage roof had a temporary fix so the rains wouldn't leak in. Well best get going to mass, extras prayers will be said for you all. From you quilting freind in Davenport, Iowa
Connie Jurgs